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Is Sony Planning to Buy Rockstar to make GTA 6 PS5 Exclusive?

Rumors claimed Sony has some interest in Rockstar. GTA 5 has done miracles on PS4 and after a couple of years, it was out on other platforms. If you are looking for an answer on Sony Rockstar Acquisition then keep reading.

Take-Two interactive owns Rockstar Games and 2K labels. Founded by Ryan Brant in 1993 Take-Two is one of the most successful and highly valuable games developing companies in the world. Rockstar Games and 2K are two major publishes labels owned by Take-Two. There is an interesting story behind Rockstar coming under Take-Two, it never owned the label from start. The second big question is Sony planning to buy Rockstar? Well, there can be yes’s and no’s to this question. Today we will debunk this query and try to figure out the impact of the relation between PlayStation 5 & GTA 6.

Is Sony buying Rockstar?

Rumors about Sony acquiring started in 2019. Major media portals covered an update about Sony’s interest in Rockstar. It is clear how RDR and GTA series triggered this merger interest. In March 2019 a report claimed Sony is having an advanced level discussion to acquire Take-Two. The entire company with all its labels.

This news had a direct impact on Take-Two share price, it got a 5% boost. In the same month, a Sony spokesperson came out with a statement that there is no such plan. The share price of Take-Two felled 3% lower. Sony had said clearly about not showing interest in buying Take-Two. But this is not completely a myth. Such news does not come out from the shadow.

Take-Two denied commenting on speculation. Sony is the shark in the ocean, no one would like to mess with it.

What is Take-Two’s Net Worth?

Take-Two an approx $18 billion valuation company. The company reported US$333.837 million net income in 2019 and holds assets worth over US$4,243.065 million. It is a massive company with a promising future in the gaming world. Two of the most popular IP’s by this developer enjoys the biggest piece of cake in the gaming world. And that too for years, so it is clear a lot of tech-giants does have eyes on Take-Two acquisition. Especially when it comes to Sony, acquiring Take-Two is liking having guns and bullets in the same bag.

Can the arrival of GTA 6 make Sony to think again?

No doubt there is nothing who can beat GTA. GTA 5 has done miracles on the console, what left is the arrival of GT6. The entire gaming world is having an eye on this IP. RDR on the other side is managed to maintain its place among gamers. Rockstar proved how games should be. With long lifetime games bring bigger profits to the company.

We do not know when GTA 6 is coming, and what this game is will have new. How it is going to set a milestone in the gaming industry beating the records of GTA 5. This is always a higher expectation. But we will update you soon about any bite we found on the Sony Rockstar relationship. Stay tuned to gamertweak.