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How To Skip Queue In Splitgate? (Answered)

Here's all you need to know about skipping queue in Splitgate.

Splitgate has seen unprecedented success due to which the servers got overloaded. Players had to wait for up to 90 minutes because that’s how long the server queue times were. Some resorted to using queue skip software but do they work? What are the repercussions of using it?

Should you Skip Queue in Splitgate?

should you skip queue in splitgate

You should definitely not use any third-party software to skip queue in Splitgate. The developers (1047 Games) have already banned the accounts of players who tried to do this.

Due to the explosive popularity of the game, it’s natural that tons of players cannot wait to jump right into a match. But note that the queue times have significantly improved. Now that the developers have upgraded their servers, the wait times won’t be up to 90 minutes anymore.

The latest tweet from the developer says that the estimated queue times are even less than 2 minutes (at the time of writing). During peak hours, the wait times will be less than 30 minutes as of now. It will reduce even further as they continue to scale, so keep an eye on @Splitgate and @SplitgateStatus twitter accounts for all the newest updates. When the game actually launches, they will get a massive number of players flocking to try out the game. So you may have to adjust with the server queue times at that point.

Also, sometimes, the servers may go down for maintenance but they will be back up and all the information will be posted on the Twitter accounts.

So, the answer is no, you should not use any external software to skip queue because you don’t need to. The queue times are short enough at this time. If you use such a software, your account will get banned.

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