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Elden Ring Biggest Bosses (Size Comparison)

Check out our guide on the biggest bosses in size comparison in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring revolves around an enchanting and mystical open world with a plethora of bosses. These bosses are in the form of gods, dragons, soldiers, witches, creatures, and knights, and the list keeps on expanding. While not all the bosses are mandatory to defeat, you can track and hunt them down to face them. As there is a wide range of bosses, it is only plausible that they come in different sizes. You can’t have Malenia or a humanoid boss bigger than the Sleeping Dragon, right? So, here’s our guide on the size comparison of the biggest bosses from smallest to largest in Elden Ring.

All Biggest Bosses in Size Comparison in Elden Ring


Although some humans and humanoid bosses are smaller in comparison, some are exceptionally tall in size. According to a video by the YouTube channel, Garden of Eyes, the list starts with the Soldier of Godrick that can be found in Stranded Graveyard in Limgrave. The video compiles all the bosses standing next to each other as you go further. And the sequence goes from seemingly normal height bosses to the enormous Elden Beast and the Fire Giant. But who is the tallest one standing?

elden ring biggest bosses size comparison
Image Source – Garden of Eyes on YouTube.

The tallest and the largest boss position stands for the Elder Dragon Greyroll. You can find her at the Dragonbarrow in Caelid with five of her baby dragons. As you kill each of her children, you receive 5,423 Runes. Once you have killed her, you get 50,000 Runes and 5 Dragon hearts. Coming back to the bosses, check out the video below to have a look at all of your favorite bosses next to each other.


You might be surprised by the height of Malenia, Astel, compared to other bosses. However bigger, bring them all down, yer Tarnished!

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