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How To Marry In Elden Ring? (Answered)

Here's our guide on whether you can marry in Elden Ring or not.

While a lot of NPCs will remind you of being maidenless in Elden Ring, are you looking to get a wifey in the Lands Between? Melina is one of the first NPCs in the game that will suggest that she can play the role of a maiden. Not to spoil the lore, but Melina will indefinitely not be your maiden. Looking at the world setting and intense storyline of the game, do you think this game allows you to get maidens? No! I am not trying to be White-faced Varre, but to me, it doesn’t suit much to the tone of the game. So, here’s our guide on whether you can marry in Elden Ring or not.


Can you get Married in Elden Ring?

The answer to that question is No, you cannot marry in Elden Ring. But there is an option to marry a specific NPC which is Ranni, the Witch. If you progress through Ranni’s questline and trigger a specific ending, you can marry her. Mentioned below are all the steps to trigger that ending. Beware of the upcoming spoilers.

elden ring can you marry

  • You will encounter Ranni for the first time at the Church of Elleh. She will go by the name of Renna and ask if you can summon a torrent horse. She will then reward you Spirit Calling bell and Lone Wolf Ashes to progress through your journey.
  • If you couldn’t talk or find Ranni at the Church of Elleh, you can find her at the Liurnia of Lakes after you defeat Royal Knight Loretta. But this encounter might not reward you with Spirit calling bell and Lone wolf ashes.
  • For the next encounter, head over to Ranni’s Rise located at the Caria Manor. She will be on the topmost floor of the Manor.
  • Choose no particular reason option when she asks why did you arrive here.
  • She acknowledges you and asks if you will join her. Her questline will be triggered if you choose to serve her.
  • You cannot leave Ranni’s Rise until you have spoken to 3 of her close advisors. They are Blaidd, Iji, and the Preceptor Selvius in their astral forms.
  • Once you have started with her questline, progress till you have defeated the Baleful Shadows.
  • This will reward you with a Discarded palace key that you can use to open a chest in Raya Lucaria Academy. This chest will reward you with a Dark Moon Ring.
  • You need to use this Dark Moon Ring to travel to Lake of Rot. As you reach there, you can rest at the Lake of Rot Shoreside, the site of Grace to save your location.
  • Head towards the Grand Cloister located to the south of the Lake of Rot.
  • You will find the physical body of Ranni sitting in a small cave.
  • Go closer to her and interact with her to put on a ring on her finger.
  • Upon wearing the ring, her physical body will be finally free.
  • She will accept you as her Lord and expresses the possibility of meeting again.
  • She will also drop the Dark Moon Greatsword as she disappears into thin air.

But this is the last you will hear or meet her. Sounds like a marriage to you? Not to worry, as you can reunite with her for the last time after completing the game. As you complete the game entirely, you will see an option to summon Ranni. Upon summoning her, she will call you dear consort and states that the Age of stars has arrived.


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