Elden Ring: What To Do In Limgrave (Important Locations, Bosses, NPCs & Items)

Not sure what things to do in Limgrave and when while playing Elden Ring? This guide has everything you should know about it.

There are a lot of things that you can do in Limgrave in Elden Ring when you start playing, so knowing what exactly to do can be tough. So whether you plan to farm items, level up your character, or start a boss fight, a proper order will help you out. Hence, let us quickly learn everything you should do in Limgrave in Elden Ring, especially if you are a beginner then these are the first things to do.

What to do in Limgrave in Elden Ring?

elden ring what to do in limgrave

There are a ton of things that you can do in Limgrave when you start the game from challenging bosses to gathering resources or items. First, it is important to define the area of Limgrave. It mainly has four regions:

  • Stormveil Castle
  • Stormhill
  • Main Limgrave
  • Mistwood

Explore: Before you can actually get to the good stuff it is important you explore the region and get the map. And you can do that by finding the map fragments. These are quite easy to get as when you reach a new empty area you will see a blank map with a small tower or candle-like icon. Once you reach this place with the icon you will find a large Slate that has the map fragment for that region. Now that you have the map these are the things you should do in Limgrave in the different regions.

What to do in Main Limgrave?

Since you are in Limgrave I am assuming you have just started playing the game. And if that is the case then the best thing to do is unlock different sites of grace and stack up on runes. Also, if you have just started then for now instead of looking for a farming method, get runes by eliminating enemies. This will help you get familiar with the controls and combat. Other than that talk to as many NPCs as possible and exhaust all of their dialogues. Some of the most important NPCs here are:

  • Melina: She is an important NPC throughout the game. Melina is the first character you meet in the game when you start your journey. She also gives you your horse Torrent.
  • Renna: Renna is another important NPC that you can find at the Church of Elleh after meeting with Melina. She gives you the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes. And she has a whole questline that you can learn about as you keep playing.
  • Roderika: You can find her at the Stormhill shack. She is important for Spirit tuning which might not sound useful now but will be very important as you play the game more and more.

Other than that try to get some Talismans like Erdtree’s Favor, Green Turtle, and more. Oh and level up your character. This tip is not restricted to Main Limgrave but do this whenever you get the chance.

What to do in Stormhill in Elden Ring?

Beat Margit, the Fell Omen. Remember this boss won’t be easy even if it might be the first boss. So be sure to level up your character well. Also if possible then get some good weapons and upgrade them. Other than beating Margit you should also fight the Bell Bearing Hunter as it drops Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing. You should also get these items and resources from here:

  • Stonesword Key
  • Armorer’s Cookbook [1]
  • Golden Seed
  • Erdleaf Flower

What to do in Stormveil Castle?

Beat Godrick the Grafted. This is one of the best boss fights in the game. You also get Remembrance of the Grafted for defeating him which allows you to get two powerful weapons. You can exchange this remembrance for Axe of Godrick or the Grafted Dragon. Other than that you should seek out the following NPCs and items in this region.

  • NPC
    • Nepheli: She is an important NPC in the game. She helps you fight Godrick the grafted. Nepheli also has her own questline that you can follow to get some useful items from her and learn her lore.
  • Weapons, Talismans & Resources:
    • Hookclaws
    • Curved Sword Talisman
    • Smithing Stone (2)
    • Somber Smithing Stone (2)
    • Hawk Crest Wooden Shield
    • Misericorde
    • Iron Whetblade
    • Stanching Boluses
    • Highland Axe
    • Godslayer’s Seal
    • Godskin Prayerbook
    • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [10]

What to do in Mistwood in Elden Ring?

This region is good for getting items and interacting with some NPCs. These are all the notable ones that you should find.

  • NPCs:
    • Blaidd
    • Kenneth Haight
  • Resources & Items:
    • Armorer’s Cookbook (3)
    • Bloody Slash (Ash of War)
    • Ground Slam (Ash of War)
    • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (4)
    • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (5)
    • Dectus Medallion (Left)
    • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (6)
    • Golden Seed
    • Greenspill Crystal Tear
    • Spiked Cracked Tear

That covers everything you should know about what to do in Limgrave in Elden Ring. If you are starting to play this game then be sure to check out our other Elden Ring guides. Here, we have a lot of informative topics that you might find useful like boss fights, best builds, locations, and more.