Elden Ring Margit Fell Omen Boss Fight Guide – How To Beat?

Read this guide to learn how to beat Margit in this Elden Ring boss fight.

Margit the Fell Omen is one of the numerous bosses you will come across in Elden Ring. He is actually the first major boss you will battle in the game, and you can find him just before Stormveil Castle. Like all boss fights in Elden Ring, this particular one, too, is extremely challenging to get done with. A lot of players have found that despite several tries, they have been unable to get past Margit and progress in the game. We understand the threat and trickery this boss possesses, and so, we have come up with just the guide for you. Here, we will show you how to beat Margit in Elden Ring. Since this battle has two phases, we will try explaining each phase individually.

How to Beat Margit in Elden Ring – Fell Omen Boss Fight Guide


To beat Margit the Fell Omen in this Elden Ring boss fight, we recommend you carry as many Flask upgrades as possible. Once you do so, you need to allocate them to Crimson Tears. However, if you have a lot of magic with you, you can avoid this particular step.

Apart from Flask upgrades, you should also carry Margit’s Shackle item. What this does is freezes Margit in his place for a brief period. Doing so will give you some time to fire some of your attacks at the boss. To get your hands on the Shackle item, go to the Murkwater Cave. You will find this cave towards the west of the location of the fight. Once in the cave, make sure to tread carefully, so as to not attract enemies by setting off the bell traps. Proceed further into the cave until you find a chest. Upon finding the said chest, open it. Doing so will see you come face to face with Patches. Fight him, but remember to not kill him. Simply bring down his health to 75%. Move away from this spot and then come back after a while. When you do so, Patches will sell you Margit’s Shackle for a price of 5,000 Runes. Purchase it and remember to equip it for the fight ahead.

Additionally, you can always source yourself a pair of extra hands by summoning a Sorcerer Rogier. The only drawback in doing so is the fact that the boss will now have better health. However, the payoff of having some help in this fight can actually prove advantageous, so choose wisely.

As a distraction, you have the option of carrying some Lone Wolf Ashes. With the help of these, you can summon Wolves. These animals will draw the attention of Margit, allowing you to attack him.

Now that we are fully equipped and prepared, let’s head into Phase One of this boss fight.

Phase One of Elden Ring Margit Boss Fight

In this phase, you will find that Margit only has a few attacks. One of the first attacks here is the Jumping Slam. Once you notice him performing this attack, you need to roll behind him quickly. You need to ensure you do so before he hits the ground.

Another important Margit move here is the swipe. When doing so, Margit winds up in advance. When you notice this happening, we recommend you continue to use the same strategy of rolling behind him.

Another move is the dagger. During this move, Margit uses his right hand to attack with the dagger. Again, this time too, you will need to roll your way out of the fight.

Throughout the course of this fight, we recommend the occasional use of the Shackle. Once Margit’s health drops down to half, phase two of this boss fight will begin.

Phase Two

The second phase of this Elden Ring boss fight will see Margit getting way more aggressive. During this phase, you will see him bringing a new hammer into the battle. This particular weapon is dangerous, because it enables him to attack you while moving as well as while standing still. We recommend you avoid this weapon as much as possible.

Try to use your Wolves or Rogier during this part of the fight to receive that necessary extra assistance. When they get to business, you can use your parry attacks to inflict damage on the boss.

Again, you need to use the roll behind attack and then apply a charged attack to stun him. You can wrap things off with a critical attack.

So there you have it. This is all you need to do to smite your way past Margit the Fell Omen in this Elden Ring boss fight. While defeating this monster can be extremely tricky, using the right strategies should see you make light work of him quite quickly.

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