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How To Beat Tree Sentinel In Elden Ring Boss Guide

Tree Sentinel is the first and optional boss you will encounter in Elden Ring. In this guide learn how you can beat it.

Many players are looking to beat the Tree Sentinel, an optional boss in Elden Ring. This boss is a nice flashback of Oniwa Gyoubu Masataka from Sekiro. In fact, some of the swings are the same as his swings. But here you can’t deflect to deal posture damage to it. Although, unlike Sekiro you have more options to beat it, by using mage or other ranged characters. But whether you prefer range or melee learning its moveset will come in handy for both. So in this guide let us check how to defeat the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring.


How to Defeat Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring (Boss Fight Tips)

how to defeat the tree sentinel in elden ring

To Beat Tree Sentinel you should go behind it and spam attacks until you deplete its health. There are a few moves that you should be aware of in order to get behind it. Note these are not the actual move names I am just using them to help describe the attack.

Phase 1

    • Halberd Swing: Tree Sentinel will swing his halberd that covers a large arc of his right side. To dodge this you can guard it or get super close to it and roll to the opposite side.
    • Dash and Swing: It does this move when you create some distance between yourself and it. The Tree Sentinel will charge towards you and the slash with its halberd. You can roll back at the right time to dodge it or guard it. Guarding this attack depletes your entire stamina.
    • Front hooves Stomp: The horse raises its upper body and stomps you with its front hooves.
    • Swing Back: If you are behind it the whole time it will lash its halberd behind to attack you. Alternatively, it might also choose to Charge ahead to create some space between you and it.
    • Thrust: The Tree Sentinel will thrust its halberd forward.

Once you identify these moves dodge them as much as possible, as guarding costs more Stamina. Look for a window when he doesn’t do anything to hit it at the back or on its left side. While this won’t happen often you will find yourself many such chances. After you take out half its health or near half health the second phase will begin.


Phase 2

    • Jump and Slam the ground: The tree sentinel launches itself in the air and slams the ground. If you are not fast enough you will get crushed by it.
    • Shield Stomp: It will slam its shield on the ground.
    • Shield Dash: It will dash at you using its shield. Do note this attack isn’t like Dash and Swing. It won’t create space for running before slamming the shield into you instead will be a much quicker attack.

Other than the above-mentioned moves it will also use the moves from the first phase. Again look for the openings in and between its moves and attack when you get the window.

An important thing to look out for in both phases is your stamina. Also if you run low on health then create some distance and use the flask of Crimson Tears to heal yourself.


These moves will come in handy to both ranged and melee attack users. Ranged attack users have the advantage of creating better distance after learning the above moves to launch attacks from a safe distance. Although, melee characters will require some practice before taking this boss down. It will also need a good amount of patience. And one last suggestion for melee attackers is to try not to parry or guard counter, especially if you are taking this boss head-on without leveling up first.

That covers everything you should know about how to defeat the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring. You should also check our other guides on how to craft items, and how to upgrade flasks in Elden Ring.