Elden Ring Guide: How to Get & Upgrade Flasks

Trying to get more Flasks in Elden Ring? You can do that by upgrading your flasks.

Upgrading your flask is one of the most basic but crucial things you can do in Elden Ring. This is no surprise that From Software games are ruthless when it comes to difficulty. And so you will often find yourself needing to heal yourself. Or if you use magic attacks then you may need to restore FP. Running to the Site of Grace isn’t the best solution because it can be either very far and not to mention your foes heal/revive as well. Hence the flasks come in handy in such situations. So in this guide let us check how to upgrade and get more Flasks for Healing (Hp) & FP in Elden Ring, also learn how to get Golden seeds.

How to Upgrade & Get more Flasks in Elden Ring

elden ring how to get more flasks

You can upgrade Flasks in Elden Ring by collecting and using Golden Seeds. There are two types of Flasks that you can upgrade.

  • Crimson Tears (Restores HP)
  • Cerulean Tears (Restores FP)

Let us check how to upgrade both of them. Do remember that initially, only one golden seed is sufficient to increase the flask. The more you progress the more seeds you will need to upgrade them.

How to Upgrade Healing Flask in Elden Ring

  • Collect Golden Seeds from the world.
  • Go to the Site of Grace.
  • Use the Golden seeds and increase the Crimson Tears charges.

Once you do this you will get more Healing Flasks.

How to Upgrade your Flask for FP

  1. Search the world and gather Golden Seeds.
  2. Go to the Site of Grace.
  3. Increase the Cerulean Tears charges by using the Golden seeds.

After upgrading your Cerulean Tears you will get more Flasks to restore your FP.

How to Get more Golden Seeds in Elden Ring

You can find Golden Seeds at the base of the Ethereal saplings. These trees can be found throughout the world and you can identify them with their golden color. These trees also don’t have any leaves to them.

That covers everything you should know about how to upgrade and get more Flasks for healing (HP) & FP in Elden Ring, and how to get golden seeds. In case you are wondering about co-op gameplay then check our guide on how many players can co-op and how to use multiplayer summon items. You should also find our other guides helpful for how to invade other players and how to avoid getting invaded.