Elden Ring: How To Beat Elden Beast & Cheese

Ready to beat the game? Check out how you can beat the Elden Beast in Elden Ring and how to cheese it.

Elden Beast is the final boss of Elden Ring that you can beat to complete the game. It is the final boss that comes as phase 2 after you beat Radagon of the Golden Order. This boss has a lot of moves in its arsenal that justify it being the last boss of the game. So in this guide let us take a look at how to defeat Elden Beast in Elden Ring and learn its cheese method.

How to defeat the Elden Beast in Elden Ring

elden ring how to defeat and cheese elden beast
Image Credit: Shirrako on YouTube

You can beat the Elden Beast in Elden Ring by chipping away its health until nothing is left. This boss can be quite easy to beat because its attacks are slow. But while they may be slow if you end up getting hit by them they will deal a lot of damage. Another thing to remember is it uses a lot of attacks that deal holy damage. So it is recommended you carry or upgrade some shield that can resist holy damage. Below are all its moves and how to dodge them.

Elden Beast Moves

  • Golden Flame breath: Elden Beast will launch a column of flames. You can dodge this attack by running to him while he prepares his flame breath. This move is good for you as you can attack it while he breathes fire, so you attack and damage at the same time.
  • Sword Slice: Elden Beast will make a slice attack with its sword that covers a large arc of an area. You can dodge this attack by rolling towards it.
  • Cosmic explosion: It will transform itself into a void and charge up an explosion. If you are too close to the Elden Beast during this attack you will take damage. Once it starts charging start running away from it in order to avoid taking damage from the explosion.
  • Charged backslash: It will Charge his hand and do a backslash. This backslash will leave a trail of orbs that explode after a few seconds. The Elden Beast can follow this attack by smashing its fist on the ground.
  • Charged Punch: It will charge its hand and punch you. You can dodge it by rolling to the opposite side. The charge of this punch covers a lot of area.
  • Flight and Rings: Elden Beast will fly up and create multiple rings. It also creates rings on the ground that keeps shrinking towards you the player. Towards the center of this ring, you will see a small area glow. Try to roll or jump out of this ring. This is a very strong attack and has a high chance of finishing you in one shot. This attack does holy damage.
  • Homing Arrows: It will spread its tails and charge arrows. The beast will launch it in the sky then these volleys will come crashing on you. You can dodge this attack by running to one side. It can be either direction just don’t roll or switch the direction mid-run.
  • Charged Sword slash: It will leap while charging its sword. Then come down to the player slashing its sword. You can dodge this attack by rolling towards the beast before its sword connects you.
  • Body Slam: As the name suggests the Elden Beast will slam its body in the ground in an attempt to crush you.
  • Charged Homing Projectiles: It will charge its hand and launch projectiles. These projectiles launch towards the player slowly but deal holy damage to the player when connected. You can dodge this by running to either side or rolling before it connects. Be careful when doing a roll as this attack lasts a bit longer and the projectiles hit slowly. So while you could dodge the arrows by rolling these projectiles will hit you after the roll if some are left and are close to you.
  • Cosmic Orbs: The Elden Beast will launch a column of Cosmic orbs in a straight line. These orbs explode after a few seconds. You can easily avoid them by running and rolling to either side.
  • Charged slash projectiles: This move is quite a nice flashback for Sekiro fans as these slashes are the same that the Divine dragon used. Basically, it will charge its sword and launch slashes at you. You can dodge these slash attacks by rolling to the front just before it connects.
  • Charged thrust: It will charge its sword and thrust at you and in the ground. The beast will charge the ground and it will do some explosive damage. You can dodge this attack by running away from it.

These are all the moves that it will do throughout the fight. Remember charged attacks are an indication of holy damage. Learning all of these moves and how to dodge them will help you learn when to attack. Keep attacking and avoid taking damage and you will deplete its health and slay the Elden Beast.

How to Cheese Elden Beast in Elden Ring

You can cheese Elden Beast in Elden Ring by letting it attack your mimic tear while you launch sorcery at it from behind it. This sounds easy, but it will still require you to dodge its moves explained above, to avoid getting hit by them. Basically, what you should do is let the beast target your mimic tear. Once the beast locks its target, run away and get behind it and spam your sorcery. You can use any high damage dealing sorcery of your choice. Although it is recommended you use Rock sling. Thanks to Charles2K on YouTube for sharing this cheese method.

You can check their video below to see exactly how they use this cheese.

Alternatively, there is another cheese method where players break the Elden Beast’s code and make it freeze. This trick also requires you to use mimic tear, if you are able to make it freeze you can simply spam all your attacks on it. The best part is this method works for both melee and mage characters. The only catch here is that there is no fixed method yet to make the beast freeze. You will have to confuse its targeting mechanism using your mimic tear.

That sums up this guide on how to beat the Elden Beast in Elden Ring and its cheese method. Now that you have completed the game why not try beating it again in NG+? Also, check our boss guides on how to beat Godrick the Grafted, Starscourge Radahn, and Godfrey to get help with them in your new playthrough.