Elden Ring New Game Plus (NG+) Changes Explained

Wondering what new game plus is in Elden Ring? Look no further than this guide.

Once you beat Elden Ring you can enjoy it again by playing the NG+ (New Game Plus). This is no new mechanism and you can find it in other Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. What makes the new game plus interesting is the things it changes to not make the replay completely stagnant. There are many things that you can keep and many that you can’t, a NG+ is also ideal if you plan to experience all the endings of the game. So in this guide let us check the New Game plus of Elden Ring and all changes in NG+.

All Changes in NG+ (New Game Plus) of Elden Ring

ng+ changes explained for elden ring
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Once you beat the final boss in Elden Ring and complete the game you will get an option to start a New Game Plus (NG+). You can directly begin the NG+ from here or start it later from the roundtable hold. The reason you might want to start later is to challenge any of the optional bosses that you might have missed or complete any ongoing questlines. When you start a new game plus in Elden Ring these are the things that change.

  • Things you can keep
  • Things you can’t keep & Things that reset
  • Enemy Scaling
  • Rune Scaling
  • Recommended Levels for challenging enemies
  • New Items

Let us check all of them.

Things you can keep

  • All of your player progression for your character’s levels, weapons, armors, and shields. This also includes all the magic-related items like sorceries, incantations, staves, and seals.
  • Different Items, Cookbooks, and Talismans.
  • The map with your exploration progress.
  • Boss Remembrances.
  • Flask upgrades and Golden Seeds
  • Any memory stones you collected.

Things you can’t keep & Things that Reset

  • Sites of grace. All of the sites of grace you found will be reset. So while you can access the map you will have to find these sites and retouch them.
  • All of the Medallions (these include Dectus, Rold, and the Haligtree Medallions).
  • Sidequest progress. In case you were progressing or following some questline then it will be reset. A good thing though is if you killed some NPC then you can now have a fresh interaction.
  • Bell Bearings that you gave to Twin Maiden Husks.
  • Great Runes.
  • Any item that is important for story progression.

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Enemy Scaling

The enemies are scaled in every new game plus in Elden Ring. The percentage by which they are scaled is not available yet. We will update this guide when we find any information on it.

Rune Scaling

The runes you gain are scaled roughly by 550%. Thanks to Fextralife for the information on this.

Recommended Levels for challenging enemies

Since the enemies are scaled the recommended levels for challenging every enemy in the game have also increased. We will update this guide with the exact recommended levels once we find any information about them.

New Items

There are no new items as such that you get while playing a new game plus. Although you can use remembrances to get new or alternative weapons that you couldn’t get in your previous run.

That sums up this guide on everything you should know about New Game Plus in Elden Ring & all NG+ Changes. Since you like playing this game I highly recommend you check our other guides for this game in our dedicated Elden Ring Section.