How To Kill Fire Giant In Elden Ring (Cheese Guide)

Getting destroyed by the Fire Giant in Elden Ring? This guide will help you out with its moves and how to cheese him.

Fire Giant is one of the major bosses in Elden Ring that you will need to beat in order to progress the story. He can do a lot of damage using just a few moves. Since he is a giant his attacks are quite slow, along with some of his moves. And getting caught in an attack can easily spell death. But once you get a hang of how his attacks work you can slay him in no time. So in this guide let us take a look at how to defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring, and learn the cheese method.

How to Kill the Fire Giant in Elden Ring

elden ring how to beat the fire giant and learn cheese method
Image Credit: Shirrako on YouTube

You can beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring by attacking his legs and chipping his health away. There are two phases of this fight, the first phase has a lot of melee attacks. While the second phase uses more ranged attacks. Let us take a look at the attacks used by him in both phases.

Phase 1

  • Wave of Snow: Fire Giant will thrust his shield in the ground. Next, he will launch a wave of snow towards you. You can avoid it by running/rolling behind once you see him thrust the shield. This attack covers a lot of area so rolling to the side won’t help in dodging it. You can also try using your shield to block this attack.
  • Shield smack: The Fire Giant will raise his shield and smack it on the ground. This attack is relatively easier to dodge when compared to the above attack. But since the shield is large you will have to be quick when dodging it.
  • Ground Stomp: He will stomp its feet on the ground to crush you. You can dodge this attack when you see him raising his feet by running towards the other feet or in the opposite direction.
  • Roll: While this is no direct attack, it will do a roll to get away from you. You can get crushed by it if you get underneath it.
  • Flame eruptions: Fire Giant will take out a ball of fire from the face in its chest. He will then use it on the ground to cause eruptions of flames. These should be easy to dodge as you get an indication when the ground starts getting orange with flames. Do remember this attack covers a certain range area and there will be multiple eruptions throughout this area. So if you are not sure how to dodge them, then simply get out of the area and wait for the eruptions to end.

Once you bring his HP near half you will see a cutscene. This is your cue for the beginning of the 2nd phase.

Phase 2

  • Spewing fire on the ground: The Fire Giant will kneel and get on all his fours. First, he will cause flame eruptions and follow this attack by breathing fire on the ground. You can try attacking while the flame eruptions begin. But don’t get greedy with your attacks, as the flame eruptions will cover more and more of the area as it goes on. And the fire breathing covers a lot of area so it is best if you get as far away from it as possible.
  • Launching flame balls: It will launch fireballs towards the player. These flame balls are quite big and will approach the players quite slowly as they aren’t exactly projectile attacks. But after a few seconds, these flame balls will erupt that covers a big area. These are quite easy to evade.
  • Side Roll: Targetting its legs is the attack that you will do most of the time. So when you are underneath him he will occasionally roll to the side in order to trample you.
  • Launch fireballs: It will throw large balls of fire towards the player. These are fast and feel more like a launch of projectile volley when compared to the flame balls attack.
  • Fire meteorite launches: It will kneel and breathe fire into the air using its chest face. The fire giant will do this thrice and it will cause meteorites covered in the fire to fall on the ground. This attack also covers a large area so you should keep running in order to dodge it.
  • Flame thrower: It will launch a column of flames towards you using its chest face.

General tips to beat Fire Giant in Elden Ring

  • Try focusing your attacks on the shackles in his feet. Once you break it this will stagger him for a few seconds allowing you to deal more damage. This tip works really well in his first phase.
  • For your initial few tries try focusing on attacking less and learning his moveset more. As his moves are a bit slow but once they connect they deal a ton of damage, not to mention they cover a lot of area.
  • Once you are well versed with his attacks try staying close to him and attack his feet. This trick works for both his phases.

How to Cheese the Fire Giant in Elden Ring

how to cheese the fire giant in elden ring
Image Credit: Sworn Random on YouTube

You can cheese the Fire Giant in Elden Ring by getting it to jump twice from the large rock at the edge of the map. Thanks to Sworn Random on YouTube for sharing this method.

  1. This method requires you to lure the Fire Giant to the edge of the map where there are two large rocks.
  2. You need to make it climb the left rock and then the right rock and finally jump from the right rock. The right rock is higher than the left one.
  3. Once you do it the first time it will take some damage, around 15%-20% of his health, and begin the second phase.
  4. Next, you need to repeat the same method of getting him to jump from the rock for his second phase as well.
  5. Things will get tricky here as he is much slower this time and uses more ranged attacks. Once you make him do the jump, it will instantly eliminate him.

Although this cheese makes the fight a whole lot easier, executing it can be quite tricky and take some tries. A good thing here is that you can use this cheese irrespective of the class you play as.

In case you need some extra help and learn exactly how to pull this cheese off you should check out their video below.

That sums up this guide on how to defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring & the cheese method. In case you skipped some optional bosses then check our guides on how to defeat Mad Tongue Alberich, Crucible Knight, and Tree Sentinel.