FF16 Severian Location: How To Find & Defeat

Looking forward to Hunting down the Severian monster? Then, check out the location to find it in Final Fantasy 16 easily.

In FF16, you’ll come in need to find the location of the Severian, a Notorious Mark. That’s because defeating this monster will get you a rare material, Electrum that will be used to make Drakeslayer’s Belt. But do note, the fight will be quite difficult and the rewards will not come easily. But if you’re ready to do what it takes to slay this monster, then let us back you up with some of our tips & tricks. For your convenience, below we have mentioned everything about how to find & defeat the Severian monster in Final Fantasy 16.

Where to Find the Severian in FF16 (Location)

Where to Find the Severian in FF16? (Location)
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In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), you can find the Severian location by visiting the Hunt Board. Or skip that and head to the northern side of the Sorrowise in Rosaria located on the western side of the Martha’s Rest. As this monster is usually found in the Fallen ruins, simply explore the area and you’ll be good to go. However, it is Severian is only unlocked for a hunt after you start the After the Storm main story quest. If you’ve already done that, then do take a look at the image mentioned above to get a better idea of the location.

The easiest way to reach Sorrowise is by teleporting to Martha’s Rest and then taking the elevator. And after that, go ahead and walk toward the spot marked in the image above to start the Hunt. Players can even ride a Chocobo to reach their destination quickly. As mentioned earlier, the hunt will not be that easy, so for that below we have listed some tips & tricks that you should keep in mind.

How to Defeat Severian in Final Fantasy 16 (Hunt Tips)

how to defeat & beat Severian In Final Fantasy 16 Location
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After you’ve reached the Severian location in FF16, the robotic monster will get activated automatically. And it will start charging at you, so make sure to carry some potions before heading into the battle.

  • The first thing players need to be careful about is the Lunge attacks. That’s because the swings Severian takes are pretty quick and deadly too. So here dodging is the best option.
  • Another attack Severian uses is a close-range dome attack. Where it creates a circular aura that deals damage if you’re inside of it. So step out of it as soon as you can. Once done, Severian will release some exploding orbs that you have to make distance from.
  • Last but not least, Eradicate is a special attack in which the monster spins two swords around it. And then releases several shock orbs that you should avoid at any cost.
  • So during the fight, all your focus should be on maintaining distance from the monster and looking for windows to strike. You can always take your loyal Torgal to help you in the fight.

That sums up all about the location to find the Severian and some Hunt tips to defeat it in FF16. If you’re looking for a better sword, then check out how to unlock every weapon in Final Fantasy 16. Also, take a look at the ways to increase your Stats easily.