Final Fantasy 16 Electrum Location (FF16 Guide)

Get Electrum from this location in Final Fantasy 16 and use it to craft armor.

Electrum of Final Fantasy 16 is a material used for crafting Drakeslayer’s Belt. This unique element is assumed to be a creation of the lost people and believed that it doesn’t occur naturally. Due to this collecting the material for upgrade or any other purpose becomes difficult. And at the time of writing, there are no methods to buy or sell them. Electrum can only be obtained through the method we have elaborated on in this FF16 location guide.

Final Fantasy 16 Electrum Location and Guide

Final Fantasy XVI Electrum Location

The rare material Electrum is obtained as a drop after defeating Severian in FF16. Severian is a rank B level 31 monster that activates when humans approach it. It is part of Notorious Mark 6 that players unlock through the main quest After the Storm. Completing the mission rewards you with 800 EXP, 70 AP, 8500 Gil, and 20 Renown.

The monster is located in the western part of The Imperial Province of Rosaria. The fastest way to reach the monster and get Electrum in FF16 is by traveling to Martha’s Rest Obelisk and going in the west to the marked location. As soon as you reach the location, Severian will feel that a human has set foot near it and will awake from its sleep. Unlike the Mark 5 monster, Severian isn’t slow and bulky. Dodging its attack wouldn’t be easy.

Severian is good with a sword and rushes toward you at its full speed in the fight. You have to dodge and attack it when it is busy swinging a sword. It is only by defeating Severian of this location in FF16 that you can get Electrum. The enemy has two impressive close-range explosive attacks, a dome, and an energy ring. If it’s a dome, you need to get as far as possible from it to avoid damage. And if it’s a ring attack, you should rush inside. Another deathly attack Severian performs is sword spin. In this attack, it will spin the sword and rush toward you, dodge, and attack from the sides.

Once you have defeated the Severian and obtained Electrum in Final Fantasy 16 using the location, learn about other Notorious Mark hunts from our FF16 guides. Also, read about Sekhret that appears in Notorious Mark 5.