Final Fantasy 16 Minotaur And Sekhret Location

Get the Minotaur Mane and massive EXP by defeating Sekhret and the regular Minotaur in Final Fantasy XVI.

Sekhret Minotaur drops Minotaur Mane used for upgrading Gaia Blade in Final Fantasy 16. Now there are various levels of Minotaur in the game, rank B is Sekhret which we encounter through Hunt Board. Finding Sekhret might be easier due to the quest sequence, but regular ones are still unclear for many. If you are one of those, then this FF16 Minotaur and Sekhret Minotaur location guide is all you need.

FF16 Minotaur and Sekhret Notorious Mark Location Guide

Minotaur And Sekhret Location In Final Fantasy XVI

You will find Minotaur and Sekhret Minotaur in Greensheaves of The Imperial Province of Rosaria in FF16. To find regular Minotaur just look around the Greensheaves region and you will encounter them. They are standard ones, so you wouldn’t get much by killing them, but they give decent EXP if you are aiming for the level-up.

Sekhret Minotaur on the other hand is tougher than the standard ones and can be found on the north of Martha’s Rest marked in the image. They drop Minotaur Mane and give a good amount of EXP. This monster is part of Notorious Mark 5 that players get with the main quest After the Storm. The reward for this FF16 mission is 800 EXP, 60 Ap, 8200 Gil, 20 Renown, and 1 Minotaur Mane.

Sekhret is a B rank level 31 enemy with melee range, thus avoiding its attack wouldn’t be very hard if you are good at movement control. It takes a good amount of time to recover after performing the heavy attack, so you can charge the beast while it is recovering. But beware of its rush attacks as that deals huge damage. When you avoid the first rush attack, it will charge again. But due to its slow speed, big body, and melee range defeating this monster is easier than many other Notorious Mark hunts.

If you found the location of Minotaur and Sekhret Notorious Mark Minotaur in Final Fantasy XVI and defeated them, read our other FF16 guides. And if you had a hard time fighting the monster due to a weak weapon, then check out this Weapon list too.