How To Pet Torgal Dog In Final Fantasy 16

Show some love to your loyal Torgal by petting him and giving him treats in Final Fantasy XVI.

In FF16, many players are wondering if they can pet the dog named Torgal to show some appreciation. This is one of the companions you’ll unlock while progressing through the main story. Just like the Chocobo, this cute yet powerful hound will accompany Clive through the adventure. It will serve an important purpose in the game and help Clive during battles. That not only includes attacking the enemies but also healing you when you’re in need. And for being such a loyal and helpful dog, you should surely give treats and pet Torgal every once in a while in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Pet & Give Treats to Torgal in FF16?

Controls to Pet Torgal Dog In Final Fantasy 16 FF16

You can pet and give treats to Torgal in FF16 by approaching the dog and pressing the prompt X button on your console. Doing so will trigger a short cutscene where Clive will either give his loyal companion a treat or a pat on his back. However, do note, the petting option only appears after reaching The Greatwood area and triggering the Fanning Embers main story quest. Before that, you’ll come across this cute little hound several times but won’t get the option to pet it.

If you’ve fulfilled the requirements and successfully made Torgal a party member, but still not getting the pet option then don’t worry. Just make sure you’re outside a battle and close enough to the animal. And as soon as a Heart icon appears press the prompt X button and that’ll do the trick. Petting Torgal 5 Times will get you the You Can Pet the Dog trophy in FF16. Apart from showing love to the dog, you can also give it commands during ongoing combat.

Can I Control Torgal Dog in Final Fantasy 16? (Commands)

How to Control Torgal Dog in Final Fantasy 16 FF16 (Commands)

Unfortunately, you can’t control Torgal completely during battles in FF16. That’s because it works as an AI and can only take a few commands. But for that, you’ll need the Ring of Timely Assistance. Speaking of commands, you get only three, such as Sic, Heal, & Ravage. The Sic will make Torgal bite the enemies, and similarly, the Ravage will also allow him to land good damage attacks. Whereas the Heal command will help Clive get a small amount of healing whenever he is in need. Players can access these commands by pressing Left D-Pad on their console. For those who are unaware, Landing 5 Precision Sics will grant you A Fine Hound trophy.

That sums up all about how you can pet and give commands to Torgal Dog in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). If you’re a completionist, then check out what other Trophies you can get in the game. Also, look at the list of Weapons you can unlock in FFXVI easily.