How To Get & Ride Chocobo Mount In Final Fantasy 16

Tired of walking around the world of Valisthea? Then, check out how you can unlock and ride Chocobo Mount in Final Fantasy XVI.

In FF16, Clive will get to ride a Chocobo mount but it will not happen in the early stages of the game. The player will have to play at least 15 hours of the main story to reach the quest that unlocks the mount option. And till then it seems you’ll simply have to travel on your foot. If you’ve already reached the time skip but haven’t been able to unlock the mount, then there’s a chance that you might be missing something. So for your convenience below we have mentioned everything you need to know about how you can get a mount and ride the Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16 easily.

How to Unlock & Ride Chocobo Mount in FF16

How To Get & Ride Chocobo Mount In Final Fantasy 16
Source Image: WoW Quests

Players can unlock and ride the Chocobo mount in FF16 after completing the White Winged Wonder side quest. It is available after you’ve completed the Release main story quest and returned to Martha’s Rest. In this side quest you’ll have to find the brave bird named Whiteheart everybody is talking about. That bird is the one who is protecting other Chocobos from bandits. And you’ll have to defeat them in order to unlock the mount option. If you’d like to know more about the White Winged Wonder quest, then scroll down for a summarized walk-through.

  1. First, go to the entrance of The Fallen Gate to interact with Rowan and take on the quest.
  2. Next, walk down the bridge and follow the + quest marker and you’ll come across a white feather as a clue.
  3. After that, at the end of the Crooked Nash’s Pier, you’ll find the bandits bothering the wild Chocobos.
  4. Go ahead and defeat them all and then Clive will learn that the White Chocobo everybody is talking about is his old friend Ambrosia.

And that’s how you complete the White Winged Wonder side quest and receive various rewards. That not only includes unlocking the mount option to ride Chocobo in FF16 but also 250XP, 60 Sharp Fangs, & 20 Renown points. If you’re not familiar with the controls to summon and ride the newly unlocked Ambrosia then we’ve got your back.

How to Summon Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

How to Unlock & Ride Chocobo Mount in FF16 FFXVI
Source Image: WoW Quests

Players can summon Ambrosia Chocobo by pressing R3. And to ride it they’ll have to get near the mount and press X. However do note, you can’t summon the bird all the time, and there are some restrictions to it. But whenever you ride it, don’t forget to press R2 to accelerate the speed and L2 to slow it down.

That sums up all about how you can unlock & ride Chocobo Mount in FF16 easily. If you haven’t unlocked the Ultima Weapon yet, then check out how you can do it. Also, take a look at how you can unlock all the Trophies in Final Fantasy 16.