All Final Fantasy 16 Stats & How To Increase Them (FF16)

Here are all the Final Fantasy 16 Stats and how to increase them.

Though every Final Fantasy game is exciting to play, gameplay elements like Stats become hard to understand. So, if you have just started playing Final Fantasy XVI, you will most likely be confused. With the introduction of the new character and main protagonist Clive, many players wonder what type of stats he’ll possess. Our guide has the answers to your question. We will explain what all Stats mean in Final Fantasy 16 and how to increase them.

All Stats Explained in Final Fantasy 16

ffxvi stats and how to increase them


You will lose Hit Points (HP) when taking damage from enemies. If your HP reaches zero, your player will die.


Your attack is determined by the amount of Strength and the type of gear you own. The higher the attack, the greater the damage you will be able to deal,


Defense stats are associated with your character’s Vitality and also the quality of gear used. If this FF16 stat is on the higher side, then you will take lesser damage from enemies.


The Stagger ability helps you overwhelm an opponent. The stat is a combination of physical aptitude (WIL) and also the type of gear that you’re currently using.


The Strength stat directly affects your Attack.


The Vitality stat in Final Fantasy 16 directly affects your Defense.


The Wil stat is directly related to Clive’s Stagger ability in the game.

How to Increase Stats in FF16

You can increase Stats in FF16 by equipping the right Gear and Equipment. For instance, if you use the Goldwork Sash belt, Clive’s HP will increase by 6 and Defense by 36. In the same way, wielding the Invictus sword will increase your Attack and Stagger by 165.

And apart from that, you can increase stats in Final Fantasy 16 by simply leveling up. You can level up by progressing through the main campaign, completing side quests, and defeating bosses.

With that, we have reached the end of our guide. We hope we were able to explain what all stats mean in Final Fantasy 16. If you have just started playing the game, then visit our Final Fantasy XVI section for strategy guides, boss fight tips, and more.

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