Lethal Company Sanity Guide

Here is everything you need to know about the Sanity stat and how exactly it works in Lethal Company.

Sanity in Lethal Company is one of the stats that players will have to keep a tab on while surviving the horrors of the abandoned moons. However, it might just be easier said than done. The sanity level of the players unlike any other stat like weight, stamina, health, etc won’t be displayed on the screen. This makes it even harder to figure out how insane is your character at the moment while exploring the facilities.

The number one threat that players face once their character has reached a certain insanity level is the terrifying Ghost Girl. For players who have yet to encounter this terrible monster, you should know that there is no escape once haunted by the girl. It makes keeping your Sanity level intact a major responsibility in Lethal Company.

While there are no dedicated tabs to keep the stat in check, there are a few things that you can avoid to keep the threat of Ghost Girl at bay. So if you want to avoid going insane at all costs, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How Does Sanity Work in Lethal Company?

How Does Sanity Work In Lethal company?
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Since there is no dedicated tab or bar for Sanity on the screen, the first thing that players will have to keep in mind is that it decreases over time throughout your playthrough of Lethal Company. There are a host of factors that contribute to the level being decreased further in the game. Players can completely avoid them to steer away from going insane and facing the Ghost Girl.

The very first reason for which players might rapidly lose their Sanity in Lethal Company is staying alone during facility expeditions on different moons. The amount of level decreased will depend on the location of the game. However, players can avoid it altogether by staying with their friends or communicating with them on the walkie-talkie. You will be able to gain some of your Sanity back in the game.

Another factor that influences the level of insanity is the total number of turns. This means the amount of times you turn your view left or right in Lethal Company. The higher the turn amount the more susceptible you are to encounter Ghost Girl in the game.

However, this might not be the most important factor of them all. Since Lethal Company consists of strange entities and monsters, you are bound to get attacked and injured in your playthrough. And getting critically injured i.e. having a health below 20, also decreases the Sanity level in the game.

Along with it, one of the key things that you can avoid at the very start of your run is to collect expensive scrap from the facilities. Players who collect expensive scraps at the start increase the chances of building up fear which decreases the Sanity level in Lethal Company.

It is worth mentioning that even after avoiding these factors, the Ghost Girl might still choose you as her victim in the game. Although these will help you keep the sanity level in check in the game.

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