How To Defeat The Forest Keeper In Lethal Company

Wondering how you can take down one of the most dangerous creatures? Here is everything you need to know about defeating the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company.

In Lethal Company, almost every enemy you encounter can instantly kill you. While some will only attack when provoked, some will spawn out of the blue and won’t stop chasing you till you have surrendered. One such creature in the game is the Forest Monster also known as the tree giant. He is considered to be one of the biggest monsters in the game. While collecting scraps from moons that have forest regions, there is a high chance you might come across this giant. In order to learn how you can get rid of him, refer to the following guide.

How to Deal with the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company

Unlike the Tentacle Monster, these monsters will not need any provocation. Sigurd’s entries stated that this creature behaves like a human child, similarly, he will eat anything that looks interesting enough. Additionally, they do not even need to feed themselves as their energy is restored through the process of photosynthesis. You will most likely come across these creatures when you are on Dine, March, or Vow.

To survive these monsters your best option would be to avoid them. You can either hide from them, wait for them to turn around and run in the opposite direction without making much noise, or quickly enter your ship. Once you get into your ship, make it a point to not stand too close to the door as you might still be accessible to them. If you have a weapon equipped, for example, a Zap Gun or Stun Grenade, you can use it on them to temporarily make them stop.

How To Deal With The Forest Giant In Lethal Company

Can you Kill the Forest Keeper?

Even though you or any of your other teammates won’t be able to defeat this humongous giant, there is someone else who can help you end this creature. To do this you will have to instigate the dangerous Earth Leviathan.

Once he starts following you, lead him towards the Forest Keeper. When you finally reach the tree giant, try to avoid his attacks. Sooner or later you will hear the Earth Leviathan approaching and when you do, make sure you run away from there as fast as you can. Once this monster comes face to face with the Forest Keeper, he will attack and finish him in seconds. Make sure you are well prepared before you try out this method as dealing with two mighty monsters at once is quite risky.

This is everything you need to know about how you can deal with the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company. If you want to learn more about this game, make sure to browse through our Lethal Company section and get all helpful guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.