Lethal Company: Vow Map Guide

Here is everything you need to know about the Vow Map in Lethal Company.

One of the first places you will be able to explore in Lethal Company will be the Vow Map. Although this moon is not considered to be very challenging, one must be careful while traveling through this area as it is rated hazard level C. By thoroughly scavenging this moon, you will be also able to load up on scraps. As for the weather, this map has a humid climate and the landscape is covered with dense trees. This moon used to be inhabited by colonies however, now you will not be able to see anyone living here.

Being able to get more information about this area’s entrances and creatures can be very useful since it is one of the first-tier moons you will encounter. You can refer to this guide to get all the information you need about this place.

How to Enter Vow Map in Lethal Company

As mentioned earlier, this map can be explored early on in the game. However, in order to start collecting all the scraps available in this area you will require a complete guide to help you understand about all the things you will encounter. Get all the information you are looking for, right here.

Exploring Vow Map In Lethal Company
Source – Liam on YouTube

While trying to enter this map, you can make use of two entrance options, the Main entrance and the Fire entrance.

You will have to cross the Rickety Bridge and walk across it. Keep in mind that this bridge will collapse if many crewmates walk across together, make sure you go one by one. Additionally, it is important to stay cautious as you might encounter creatures and monsters on the way.

Entrance To Vow Map In Lethal Company
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You can use the other entrance by climbing the Fire Exit, which is located underneath the bridge. Comparatively, this route is safer, however, always remain cautious of your surroundings.

All Creatures in Vow Map

Learning about the mysterious creatures and entities you might come across during this adventure is essential, as it can help you avoid unnecessary trouble.

You will have to come up with effective strategies if you are planning to enter this map during the day time. You will come across Manticoils, Roaming Locusts, and Circuit Bees. These creatures have a power count of 17.

Creatures In Vow Map Lethal Company
Source – Liam on YouTube

The night time is comparatively less dangerous, as the power count of the creatures Eyeless Dog, Forest Keeper, and Earth Leviathan is said to be only 6.

Trying to survive indoors will also pose as a challenge. Here you might find creatures like Bunker Spider, Thumper, Coil Head, Bracken, Snare Flea, Spore Lizards, Hygrodere, and Hoarding Bug. Even though their maximum power count will be 7, defeating them will be tough if you are not prepared.

Once you have completed the Assurance Map, exploring this moon will give you an opportunity to collect some scraps along the way. Since the difficulty level of this place is not very high, you can use this map to sharpen your skills which might come in handy when you enter challenging areas in the game.

We have covered everything you need to know about the Vow Map in Lethal Company. If you liked this guide, continue browsing through our Lethal Company guides, available here on Gamer Tweak.