Lethal Company Assurance Map Fire Exit Location

Check out this guide to know where to find the Fire Exit on Assurance map in Lethal Company.

Assurance is one of the beginner moons that players will come across on their adventurous jobs of collecting scraps from abandoned moons in Lethal Company. And while the moon does not pose any great threat and you may find exploring rather easy, it’s important to know the Fire Exit location on the map, just in case of bad weather. The exit also comes in handy while running away from monstrous entities in the game.

Since the main entrance is far more easily accessible for players on Assurance, the Fire Exit can be overlooked in Lethal Company. However, if you are looking to stay alive and escape certain situations involving creatures or weather, it will be more convenient to do so with an alternative route in mind. So if you want to access the facility apart from its main entrance on Assurance, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Where to Find Fire Exit on Assurance Map in Lethal Company

Where To Find Fire Exit On Assurance In lethal Company
Image Source: DrybearGamers on YouTube

The Fire Exit on Assurance is located near the ship’s landing spot in Lethal Company. However, you will find the route to be rather difficult than what you encountered on Experimentation Moon in the game. You will need to head out in the direction the ship is facing instead of the main entrance first. Once you do, you will come across a long ladder on your right near a big rock in the game.

Players will then have to climb the ladder and onto the pipes on Assurance. Once you are on the top of the pipes, jump across them and you will come across the fire exit door towards the right. To access the door, simply press the E key on your keyboard in the game. This is the alternative route you can go through if you find monsters surrounding the main entrance or when you want to escape the facility quickly.

The Fire Exit doors often have red light over them from the inside which makes them easier to spot. These doors are accessible without any keys and are important when you want to complete your run in Lethal Company. While players don’t need to use the Fire Exit, it is surely helpful especially when you are looking to escape the facility.

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