How To Deal With Eyeless Dogs In Lethal Company

Make predators your prey using this Lethal Company Eyeless Dogs Survive and Kill guide.

Eyeless Dogs are one of the deadliest entities of Lethal Company. Dealing with just one is tiring enough, let alone facing the horde. The creature is huge and roars like a lion, making it look nowhere like the dogs. It is social and tends to hunt in very large packs. But that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Here we have given tips to deal with Eyeless Dogs and also methods to kill them.

They are smarter than many other creatures in the game. But at the same time, they are a bit clumsy. Once you master the tips to deal with them, they can be easily avoided and killed. That said, let us not wait any longer and jump to the Eyeless Dogs guide.

How to Survive and Deal with Eyeless Dogs in Lethal Company

Tips & Tricks to Deal With Eyeless Dogs in Lethal Company
Image Credit: LakeSquid on YouTube
  • They are completely blind, as the name Eyeless Dog suggests. And that is your biggest advantage. If you don’t make any noise, they cannot find you. While their hearing is good, they are bad at guessing the exact location of their prey.
  • Dash sideways when it charges on you. And hide at a place where it would have a hard time crawling.
  • Crouch when it is near and keep a little distance. You can just crawl behind it while making no noise and it wouldn’t be able to find you. The dog doesn’t have a smelling sense.
  • Distract Eyeless Dogs using items like Robot Toys. And dash to the nearest hiding spot.
  • Avoid hiding in the Ships. It will wait and enter when the door opens, which means doom. Especially if they are in a swarm.
  • According to popular myth, they often mistake the sounds of their kind for prey. So if there is more than one Eyeless Dog, hide and stop making the noise. They might fight each other.

Can you Kill Eyeless Dogs?

Yes, you can kill these creatures if you have the right resources and weapons. That said, hunting them solo is not suggested, however, and neither dealing with the hordes. If there are many just use the tips to survive. But if you are in a group and this creature is alone, grab the Stop-sign, Yield-sign, Shovel, and Zap Gun. Have one player use Zap Gun on it. And let others beat it with those weapons. It will easily die if hit 10 to 12 times with Shovel.

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