How To Deal With The Earth Leviathan In Lethal Company

Keep getting eaten by the gigantic bestiary Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company? Here is how to survive this monster.

In the beginning, Earth Leviathan might seem like the omnipotent creature that will jump out of the ground anywhere and everywhere. Killing and eating the players like nothing. That sure feels scary, but they aren’t as difficult to deal with as you might be thinking. With our Lethal Company Earth Leviathan guide, you can avoid, survive, and deal with this creature easily.

If you have checked its info using Terminal Command, you might already know that its Danger level is 2%. That must have made you curious about how this big and scary monster has such a low danger level. Here we have given the reason for that too. So without further ado let’s get to surviving this monster.

How to Deal with the Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company

You will find Earth Leviathan outside in all moons but none have been caught by now. Due to that, there is not much info on the creature’s biology. So, we have to study its behavior pattern and use Tech to not get eaten by them.

How to Deal With Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company
Image Credit: DrybearGamers on YouTube

Here are the best tips to deal with Earth Leviathan:

  • This creature isn’t someone you can outrun but it is not very smart. It assumes you will keep proceeding on the path you were going. Thus, it goes on the same path.
  • So, all you have to do is turn back and retrace your steps.
  • It can be easily seen on the radar. Its size might be its advantage, but it also is a disadvantage. You will see a big red dot in the radar from Ship. When you do that, just use something like Loud Horn to alert teammates.
  • You’ll hear a rumble when it’s about to attack. And ground particles will be flinging around the area.
  • It is better to drop the heavy item before you start running from it. Your speed will increase like that.
  • Have someone stay on the ship while you are exploring outside. They will quickly open the door for you to enter when running from it.
  • Use TZP Inhalant to increase your speed and decrease stamina usage.

Can you kill Earth Leviathan?

No, you cannot kill Earth Leviathan. It’s because this beast is too big for any of your weapons to kill it. That said, even if you manage to damage it, this beast might eat you before your next attack. Even standing on the boulder wouldn’t save you from this bestiary.

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