Demonologist Salt Gun: How To Find The Parts

You are going to need all Salt Gun Parts if you plan to go against the toughest ghosts in Demonologist.

Demonlogist is a ghost-hunting game like Phasmophobia, but in this one, you can find Gun Parts to make a Salt Gun. Salt is the classic solution to killing ghosts or at least harming them. Demonologist features many such things to fight the battle against such ghosts. You will go up against many different types of ghosts, all requiring a different approach. But, the Salt Gun in the ultimate weapon against them all. Let’s take a look at how you can find Salt Gun Parts in Demonlogist.

How to Get All Salt Gun Parts in Demonologist

salt gun parts demonologist

You need to be at least Level 10 in Demonologist to start the search for Salt Gun Parts. The reason is that the Gun Parts are located in the Hospital map which is only accessible after Level 10. The Hospital is also a more larger and difficult map to play.

When it comes to actually finding the Gun Parts in Hospital, it can be a bit tricky. It’s because the spawns are randomized and not set to a fixed place. However, there are certain general locations to search where it can spawn.

The Ground Floor of the Hospital seems to always have the most number of parts around in Demonologist. Make sure you check every nook and cranny on the ground floor for Gun Parts. While there is a lot of furniture and stuff like that in the hospital, you do need to check on top of every piece of furniture. This is similar to finding the Fingers in the Abandoned House.

Keep in mind that the Gun Parts have a white glow around them and they flicker too from time to time. Once you start finding the parts, you need to assemble them at the receptionist’s desk in Hospital. Once you found all three parts, you will be able to make the Salt Gun.

That is all you need to know on how to find Salt Gun Parts in Demonologist. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on Demonologist like the guide on how to survive and how to use ESG Device.