How To Survive In Demonologist (Beginners Guide)

Take a look at the beginner's tips & tricks that'll help you survive in Demonologist.

In Demonologist players will come across various types of entities challenging their survival. So far the game features up to 24 ghosts to exorcist and 3 maps for you to explore. However, while you are exploring alone or with your team ensure you don’t die at the very beginning of the hunt. If that’s already happening to you, then it’s okay, you are not the only one. Many players out there are struggling with the same and haven’t even exorcized a single demon. So without any further ado let’s take a look at some quick tips & tricks to survive for a long time in Demonologist.

How Can I Survive For Long in Demonologist (Survival Tips & Tricks)

How Can I Survive For Long in Demonologist (Survival Tips & Tricks)

Here are all the tips & tricks that you can go through and try to survive for a long period in Demonologist. Before you begin let us walk you through your main objective in the game. Here your main aim will be to collect the evidence of the ghostly entities by fulfilling at least 3 objectives. Once done, you can either leave or stay and perform the exorcism. With that said, let’s get started with the survival tips.

Maintain Sanity Level

Before you leave the tent with the gears, take a look at the screen that monitors your Sanity Level. That’s because in this game, maintaining your sanity level is very important for being alive. If you don’t do so, then your character will simply get hunted by the ghost or will have a mental breakdown. To avoid such situations carry Sanity Pills, Candles, or the Flashlight. So that your characters feel safe and comfortable for the rest of the hunt.

Crucifix is your Bestfriend

If you somehow lose the Sanity level and the ghost starts the hunt, then Crucifix is the only thing that can save you. This item can be bought from the shop using in-game money. If carrying the Crucifix is not working as much as expected, then try using the Holy water.

Explore Hiding Spots

Players who don’t have any in-game money to buy Crucifix and are getting hunted can simply hide from the ghost. For those who are unaware, the map features various hiding spots that can be used to survive for a long in Demonologist hunts. However, it’s your job to find the nearest ones and hide as soon as the hunt starts.

Know the Maps

As mentioned earlier, so far the game features up to 3 active maps and one more is coming soon. However, not all of them are unlocked automatically and require level progression to be unlocked. Among them, the most difficult to survive map is the Hospital. That’s because it is one of the biggest & darkest of them all and has three floors to explore. Here’s a list of maps you’ll get to see in the game.

  • Abandoned House: Unlocked at level 1
  • Cyclone Street: Unlocks at level 3
  • The Hospital: Unlocks at level 10
  • Kuresawa House: Coming soon

Define Ghost Types

How To Survive In Demonologist (Beginners Guide)

As mentioned earlier, here your main aim is to define the ghost type and collect evidence by completing at least 3 objectives. As the game features 24 ghostly entities identifying them might get tricky at the beginning of the game. But don’t worry the EMF, ESG, & Ecto Glass will surely help you in your demon hunt. So don’t forget to purchase and carry them in from your tent.

Finish Your Investigation Asap

Last but not the least, finishing up the investigation as soon as possible can always help you survive in Demonologist. That can be done by finishing at least 3 objectives and marking the evidence in the journal by pressing J. Once you do that, the game will give you two options which are to leave and take the rewards along. Or stay and complete the rest of the objectives to exorcise the ghost.

These were all the tips & tricks that’ll help you survive for a long in Demonologist. If you have already started your adventurous hunt, then check out how to identify & exorcise all entities in the game. Also, take a look at how ESG Device & Tarot cards work.