ESG Device In Demonologist: How To Use It

Suraj Nai
3 Min Read

It’s not just you, many players out there are wondering about how they can use the ESG device in Demonologist. For those who are new, this is one of the ghosts-busting equipment that you’ll get in the game. With the help of this equipment, players will not only be able to track down the ghost but also detect its type. So if you are also struggling with this device and don’t know how it works, then we are here to help. Below we will walk you through the steps to use the ESG tool easily.

How Can I Use ESG Device in Demonologist


In Demonologist to use the ESG device/tool all you have to do is grab it and keep it on the floor. Make sure you face it toward the direction where you suspect the paranormal activity. As there are 24 types of ghosts featured in the game, this equipment will not only detect the presence of the ghost but also state their type. However, it will only flash up for a second, which makes it easy to miss. So ensure that you pay full attention to the screen after you place the ESG device.

In order to detect the ghost and its type, this device tends to raise the ghost activity. So there’s a chance that you might lose your sanity pretty quickly. But don’t worry, players can always carry some Candles along to stabilize their sanity level. If you don’t have any candles on you, then the Sanity Pills can also come in handy. Just ensure that your character feels safe and comfortable until the ESG does its trick. On the other hand, Crucifix will also help you maintain a distance from the ghost, if it decides to hunt.

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With that said, this is all you need to know about how you can use the ESG Device in Demonologist easily. While you are busy busting ghosts don’t forget to check out how to identify & exorcise all entities. Also, take a look at how the Tarot Cards work in the game.