Demonologist Tarot Cards – How They Work

Here is a a guide on every Demonologist Tarot card and its effects.

Demonologist is a co-op horror game that sends players into a haunted house to investigate and identify evil spirits. There are various tools that you and your friends can use. One of them is Tarot Cards. If you see them lying across the table, you might be tempted to use them. But since they are completely randomized, the effects of the card can put your and your friend’s life in peril. So, before you go ahead, find out about all Demonologist Tarot Cards, their effects, and how they work.

All Demonologist Tarot Cards & Their Effects (Explained)

tarot cards effects

Turning over Tarot cards will trigger a specific effect similar to the ones we saw in Phasmophobia. There are a total of 10 different Demonologist Tarot Cards that we know of. And a word of caution, more than half of them have negative effects. However, some of them are quite resourceful, so trying your luck won’t be a bad decision after all.

  1. Aggressive – The evil spirits will turn more aggressive.
  2. Angel – Your dead teammates will be brought back to life.
  3. Death – A random ghost will attack you.
  4. Devil – The evil spirits interact with nearby objects.
  5. Flame of Fate – Your player’s Sanity increases or decreases randomly.
  6. Guillotine – Your player will die instantly.
  7. Moon – Your player’s Sanity will get lowered.
  8. Slave – The ghost becomes trapped in the room it was in.
  9. Sun – Your player’s Sanity will increase.
  10. Void – Will nullify previous effects.

Where to Find Tarot Cards

You can find Tarot Cards at random locations inside the house. They usually lie on tables or kitchen countertops. Just keep your eyes peeled out for these set of cards and you will locate them in no time.

We hope that you have now learned the effects of all Demonologist Tarot Cards. While you’re here, check out guides on the game such as how to open Maria’s Room and how to use an Ouija Board in our Demonologist section.