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Riders Republic Review: A Colorful, Physics-Defying Visual Treat

Read this review to learn if Riders Republic is the perfect sports adventure game for you, or not?

Riders Republic is Ubisoft’s latest offering in the sports video game arena, and with its arrival on next-gen platforms, it has garnered a lot of attention from the gaming community. With the availability of a vast open-world setting, coupled with the presence of some exciting and innovative vehicles, the game has further fed the buzz and excitement around its release. With a lot riding on its shoulders, we are here to tell you if this is a game that is worthy of your time and energy in this review.

Riders Republic Review


Vibrant Graphics in an Endless World


One of the first things that catch your eye right from the time you first launch Riders Republic is the vibrant, energetic approach that Ubisoft has taken with the game. You can see this from the in-game menu to the in-game graphics themselves.


Riders Republic takes you to a colorful, vast expanse of a map that nearly feels endless. If you have played and enjoyed games like GTA & Forza Horizon in the past, you will absolutely enjoy the map in RR. Ubisoft has based the maps on national parks in the US, and the attention to detail is quite clearly evident. You can even save the hassle of traveling thanks to the fast-travel feature.

What makes the map even more wonderful is the fact that is a colorful amalgamation of several different maps. Instead of separating these maps, the developers decided to smoothly merge them into one another. This means you could be riding your bike along the Sequoia dirt trails, and in a few moments be traversing the icy slopes of Mammoth Mountain. The map manages to maintain an energy that is similar to that of the game itself. Everything around you feels like it is a part of the action. This is reflected in the feedback you receive when you slam your bike into a rock, or dive head-first into trees when losing control on the jetpack.

To add to the big-world feel, you are also almost constantly surrounded by other players when in maps. It’s hardly surprising to see a hefty snowmobile pull a backflip right above you, right when you see a skier hurtle down the slope next to you at insane speeds. This makes the map feel lively and real. As a player, you feel like you are a part of something bigger that is taking place around you.


Zen Mode

Zen Mode arguably has to be one of the most enjoyable features of Riders Republic. This mode allows you to explore the ends of the constantly-evolving map without having to worry about statistics and scores. You can roam freely, with the opportunity to use all of the in-game vehicles.

I personally found myself unapologetically spending the most time playing in Zen Mode during the course of this Riders Republic review. Without the stress of lap times and skill points, I took my time to master the game’s controls, while also finding myself grinning at the casual, fun approach to physics that the game takes.

The Zen Mode also lets you use vehicles that you may otherwise have to grind for in the more competitive modes of the game. This means you get to try out the popular Rocket Bike & Rocket Skis, as well as the different types of Jetpacks.


Seamless Transitions


What adds to the fluid, enjoyably-reckless style of Riders Republic is the fact that you can switch vehicles pretty much seamlessly when on the go. This means you can quickly go from riding a bicycle to diving down a mountain with a wingsuit. As someone who is relatively new to sports adventure games, I found myself appreciating this fun feature. The defiance of logic that comes with the transition speeds makes this an absolutely enjoyable experience.

Light Controls

While the energy of the game might be high and engaging, the controls remain easy. This appeals to even the newer crop of players. After spending a few minutes in the Zen Mode, I could warm up to the controls. Within a few minutes, I was pulling off beautiful front-flips on a bicycle in the competitive modes of the game. Mastering the controls helps you pull off some amazing tricks and skill moves. Getting these moves right can help you score points too, making it a perfect win-win.

Events Galore


Riders Republic boasts of a number of events spread across the different sports it offers. This is keeping its real-world theme in sync. There’s an event for every player and every sport. You can either participate in Mass Races or the more specialized races. Mass Races can have up to 64 players at a time.

You can also spend time practicing and acquiring stars by participating in different challenges and games. All of these make sure that you are never left feeling bored or tired of the game.


When it comes down to summarizing Riders Republic as an experience, I’d call it an insane, unapologetically fun take on real-life extreme sports in a well-designed world. Regardless of your experience playing games with similar themes, you will find yourself spending hours lost in a world of gravity-defying tricks and brilliant vehicles. Throw in a constantly-evolving events feature, the element of social connection with friends, and an amazing free play mode, and you are in for a really enjoyable package. This is a game that does not intend to take itself seriously, so do not go in expecting lifelike physics and vehicle mechanics. Just get in there and do what the game intends you to do, and that is to have a great time!

So there you have it. This was our review of Riders Republic. But, don’t take our word for it. We recommend you go out there and try the game out for yourself.  You will soon find yourself grinning from ear to ear.

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An Awesome Landing

A Recklessly Fun Sports Experience!

  • Graphics 7.5
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 7.5