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How To Fix ‘Unable To Connect’ Network Error In Returnal

Here's how to fix Returnal network error (‘Unable to Connect’ message)

Since its initial reveal in June 2020, Returnal has been one of the most anticipated third-person shooter roguelike games for PS5. You will quickly realize that the game is uncompromising even when you are in the early stages. The bigger issue, though, is a Returnal network error that prevents players from getting online. The error shows a pop-up stating “Unable to connect to online services. Reconnect through the pause menu”. If you are among those facing this issue, here’s how to fix this.

Returnal Network Error – Unable to Connect to Online Services Fix


How to Fix Unable to Connect Message in Returnal Network Error

Follow these basic steps to solve Returnal Unable to Connect to Online Services Error.

  • Click on the Options button on your controller.
  • From the pause menu, press “GO ONLINE.”
  • If the attempt fails, a new game update may be available,
  • Keep holding down the PS button, then click the Options button when the Returnal game tab is selected.
  • Select “Check for Update” from the drop-down menu; this problem will be resolved by installing the most latest patch.
  • Check the official dev’s Twitter page for server updates if there isn’t any patch available right now.
  • Devs will post if the server is down or if there are any other documented issues.
  • If there is no information is available then you can try rebooting your PS5 console.
  • Switch to a separate internet connection if the network failure error still continues.
  • If you’re still unable to connect online in Returnal even in another connection, then take a break for the time being and try again later.


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There isn’t anything wrong with Returnal, apart from minor connectivity issues. Returnal, thankfully, is mainly a single-player game. As a result, even though there are compatibility problems, it is still entirely playable offline.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix the Unable to Connect to Online Services Network Error in Returnal. If you need some more tips and tricks to do well in this engaging but challenging game, check out our Returnal guides. Here’s our Survival guide as well as how to healhow to farm Ether and more.