Unicorn Overlord: How To Replenish Valor Points (Restore Valor)

We need Valor Points to deploy units and use Valor Skills during battle in Unicorn Overlord, and here’s how you can restore and replenish them.

When facing recruitable characters such as Fodoquia in battle, you would often feel the need to replenish Valor Points in Unicorn Overlord. These points let you call for reinforcement (deploy units) and use special skills like Resurrection and Valorous Order during combat. You often start with three points, and the max limit is 10. Since there are several ways to earn them, you would keep restoring them, sometimes even without knowing how you did that.

While that would encourage you to utilize all the points, it comes with the fear of exhausting and then finding the urgent need for them. You don’t have to worry about those now, as you have made your way to this guide. Here, we have explained all the methods to replenish the points with the help of items and without.

How to Restore Valor Points in Unicorn Overlord

Restore Valor Points in Unicorn Overlord
Image Credit: NightFore on YouTube

There are mainly three ways to replenish the Valor Points during the battle and one way to restore it with an item:

  1. Defeat Enemy Units
  2. Clear Garrison to Liberate Towns & Fortresses
  3. Withdraw Your Units

Defeat Enemy Units

Every time you take down an enemy unit, you earn some Valor. Keep beating them to fill the bar and get Valor Point. You can then use those to call for reinforcement and defeat nearby or weak units of the opponent for more Valor. The amount will differ depending on the enemy unit’s size, power, and other factors. This is true for all the quest modes, including Overworld, Main, and Side.

Clear Garrison to Liberate Towns and Fortresses

By liberating the towns and fortresses captured by the enemies, you will earn some Valor and even whole points. Since each nation has many of those, there is a high chance that you would find some near the battle spot. Taking back their control during the battle will also save you time. Additionally, you could use the points for skills and end the fight faster.

Withdraw Your Units

You might feel reluctant to recall your units, but it isn’t a losing move. By calling them back, you earn Valor Points, which you can use on skill. Even though we are informed about the enemy classes before battle, one might not always have the advantageous class to send against them. This makes the move favorable, as the unit has weakened the opponent and can now serve another purpose. To use the Withdraw feature, go to the Command Post and select Withdraw.

Use Hallowed Corne Ash

After exhausting all the other ways, you can use Hallowed Corne Ash to restore 2 Valor Points. Alternatively, it acts as a revival item, so you can bring back the unit you lost during battle. You will find this item in places like abandoned ruins and can purchase it from the Divine Shard Exchange shop. It costs two Divine Shards.

Now that you know how to restore and replenish Valor Points in Unicorn Overlord, you should learn about the promotion system and expand slots.