Unicorn Overlord Units: How To Expand Them And Unlock Slots

Confused about whether you should expand your units or maybe unlock new slots in Unicorn Overlord? Well, below is the answer to how you can do both!

Turn-based RPG games are fun but can often have some confusing mechanics. One such thing that people want to know about is how they can expand units in Unicorn Overlord. This is much needed as you progress in the story, and you will either want to have more characters in your units or unlock new slots. After that, you can experiment with the characters in your units by changing their loadouts and team composition. But let us not digress; here is what you have to do:

How to Expand Units in Unicorn Overlord

How To Expand Units In Unicorn Overlord
Image Credits: BAI GAMING on YouTube. Expanding Units in Unicorn Overlord.

You can use Forts to expand your Units in this game.

  1. Open your map and select any fort, then Fast Travel to it.
  2. After you get to the Fort, choose the Visit option to access its menu.
  3. Next, choose Expand Units.
  4. Here, you get two options:
    • Increase Max Size: This lets you increase the number of characters in your current unit. The maximum size of your unit can be 5 characters at full upgrade.
    • Unlock Unit: You can use this to unlock a new Unit slot.
  5. Whatever option you choose, spend the necessary Honor points required, and you will expand your Unit!

Do note that Honor Points aren’t the only thing you need when expanding your units. As you progress, you will also need to meet the Renown Rank. Last but not least, save up on your Honor points in the early game and not use them hastily. You can farm Honor Points later on in the game. These are limited early on, and each time you expand a unit, you need more points to expand it further the next time.

That is all for how you can expand units in Unicorn Overlord. Speaking of units, you should also check out our guide on how to recruit Gilbert, he is a missable unit. As for other help on this game, you can also check how to change class, create tactics templates, and the best heroes tier list.