How To Recruit Gilbert In Unicorn Overlord

On a quest to recruit every character that Unicorn Overlord has to offer? Well, buckle up because Gilbert is easy to miss if you don’t take this route.

Unicorn Overlord offers players a total of 70 characters that you can recruit. The catch is not every one of them joins your team via simple story progression. You must do specific side quests or take certain routes to interact with them and convince them to join you. This is the case when trying to recruit Prince Gilbert in Unicorn Overlord. Before you proceed, here is a minor spoiler warning regarding the names of certain characters and quests in the game.

How to Recruit Gilbert in Unicorn Overlord

How To Recruit Gilbert In Unicorn Overlord
Image Credits: BAI GAMING on YouTube. Recruiting Prince Gilbert in Unicorn Overlord.

I have tried keeping Spoilers as minimal as possible, but here is what you do:

  1. During the “The General in Black” mission, have Aramis, Primm, and Berengaria join you.
  2. Next, when doing the “Heir to the Dragonlands” quest, go east instead of going to the battlefield from the south.
  3. This road will lead you to the fort, where you can meet Gilbert.
  4. Start the quest here, and you will talk to Virginia.
  5. She will reveal the relationship between Aramis and Gilbert to you.
  6. Virginia will then ask you to convince Aramis to reconcile with Gilbert.
  7. Make sure you choose “Agree to speak with him.”
  8. Now, continue with the battle; after you win, you will get a different cutscene.
  9. After this, Gilbert will join your party successfully.

Pro tip – Make sure you create backup saves each time before you are about to start a mission. This will be useful in situations like the above case; for example, if you take the southern path to the battle rather than going east to meet with Gilbert, you would miss out on him. So reloading your save could save you from starting over from scratch.

That is all about recruiting Gilbert in Unicorn Overlord. If you enjoy such games, you should also check our list of the best games like Triangle Strategy, for more recommendations for the same genre. As for other gaming things, check out Gamer Tweak.