How To Unlock Class Promotion In Unicorn Overlord

Not sure how to unlock the promotion feature and use it to promote classes in Unicorn Overlord? Here’s all you need to do.

If you tried to change the class of your units and later decided to stick with the original, you would want to promote classes in Unicorn Overlord. This tactical RPG has a list of characters for you to recruit and advance. While base ones are already good enough, promoting them allows you to unlock some unique ones with the additional AP, PP, and more.

There are characters you should promote as soon as you unlock the system since their advanced classes are not only exclusive to themselves but deserve the hype shared by players. If you are curious about the promotion mechanism and wondering where to look for it, then scroll down and find out.

How to Unlock Promotion and Promote Classes in Unicorn Overlord

Unlock Promotion and Promote Classes in Unicorn Overlord
Reach Renown Rank B to unlock Promotion in Unicorn Overlord (Image Credit: Varsona on YouTube)

After reaching Renown Rank B, you can promote classes from any liberated Fort. To get to this rank, you must collect 1,750 points. Since you start from Renown Rank E, getting to Rank B would take considerable time. If you keep completing main and side quests, including Overworld and Liberation, you will advance smoothly and unlock expansions for each rank. Those expansions will help you strengthen your team, often by increasing unit max size.

As you will be liberating towns for the Renown points, you should also focus on restoring them by undertaking deliveries. Apart from the battle stages and map enemies, those deliveries are some of the best ways to make Honors. You must gather those to promote the characters when the feature unlocks. It costs 25 to 50 Honors to advance a class of any character. Here’s a list of base and advanced classes:

  • Lord > High Lord
  • Fighter > Vanguard
  • Soldier > Sergeant
  • Housecarl > Viking
  • Swordfighter > Swordmaster
  • Sellsword > Landsknecht
  • Hoplite > Legionnaire
  • Gladiator > Berserker
  • Warrior > Breaker
  • Hunter > Sniper
  • Arbalist > Shieldshooter
  • Thief > Rogue
  • Knight > Great Knight
  • Radiant Knight > Sainted Knight
  • Dark Knight > Doom Knight
  • Cleric > Bishop
  • Wizard > Warlock
  • Witch > Sorceress
  • Shaman > Druid
  • Wyvern Knight > Wyvern Master
  • Gryphon Knight > Gryphon Master
  • Priestess > High Priestess
  • Crusader > Valkyria

When to Promote Classes in Unicorn Overlord

You can advance your units anytime you want. There are no drawbacks, only advantages. However, be selective until you have advanced some musts, like Alain, Liza, Berenice, and Scarlett. They excel in their classes and bring the buffs to prove effective during battle.

With that, we wrap up our how to promote classes in Unicorn Overlord guide. If this is interesting to you make sure to check out our dedicated section and check the tier list to advance the best ones.