Unicorn Overlord: How To Go To Albion And Recruit Fodoquia

These are all the things you need to do to unlock Albion and recruit the Feathershield Fodoquia in Unicorn Overlord.

You have to travel through a long journey to be able to recruit Fodoquia in Unicorn Overlord. It is one of the end-game units in the Albion region. Thus, apart from a way to make him join your team, we have also added the route to the region with the quest you need to finish to access it.

This character is a Feathershield class, which is one of the unique classes within the game—so much so that there are no other units of it except him. Feathershields are defensive-oriented warriors with high resistance to magick attacks. Additionally, they have Flight, which allows them to avoid trap effects while moving.

How to Unlock Albion in Unicorn Overlord

How to Unlock Albion in Unicorn Overlord
Travel to Albion from Lunokeu Harbor in Unicorn Overlord (Image Credit: Mrhappy – VODS on YouTube)

You can board the ship to the Southern Coast of Albion from the Lunokeu Harbor. The harbor is southwest of the Elhiem. You have to liberate it through The Battle of Lunokeu and then restore the harbor for use. In battle, you will face the Elven Archer, Elven Fencer, Viking, Landsknecht, Legionnaire, and Gryphon Master. Completing this battle quest will reward you with some Honors, a Pressed Flower, and War Funds.

How to Recruit Fodoquia in Unicorn Overlord

Recruit Fodoquia in Unicorn Overlord
Image Credit: Mrhappy – VODS on YouTube

To recruit the Fodoquia, you must finish The Battle of Peyston quest and rescue him. For that, first, sail to your destination, and once you are in the Albion, head west to look for the Walled City of Peyston. It is under the command of Fodoquia. During the conversation with him, you will learn that he has no desire to support liberation and claims that no soul among them does. However, after the investigation, you’ll find out that the conditions in the city aren’t ideal, and people seek freedom from their oppressors.

This will unlock the Liberation Quest, ‘The Battle of Peyston.’ Under Zenorian command, the Heavenswing Knight Fodoquia will lead the battle with the main enemy classes, Feathershield and Featherbow. Prepare the troops that have an advantage over those and defeat him. It is better to use 30+ level units and archer classes against them.

Once beaten, he will tell you the real reason for not resisting Zenorian rule and fighting them. After the conversation, you’ll get two choices: Rescue him or Watch over his passing. Since you want to recruit him, select Rescue him, and you will win 20 Honors, Ruby, and Heavenswing Knight.

That’s all you need to do to reach Albion and recruit Fodoquia in Unicorn Overlord. Skim through our dedicated section to find more topics like this and get Ochlys.