Unicorn Overlord: How To Get Divine Shards

Although termed as an ‘uncommon resource’, this is one of the best and most useful materials you will need. Here’s how you can get Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord.

Players have been looking to get their hands on Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord. This material is extremely useful, and once you learn how to obtain it, you can use it to buy items like Dew of Skill, Dew of Vitality, Templar’s Sword, and much more. However, before you can own any of these items, you must complete the lengthy process of obtaining this highly sought-after currency. Therefore, if you need help, here are a few ways to quickly farm this material.

How to Get Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord

How To Get Divine Shards In Unicorn Overlord

There are three prominent ways of obtaining Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord: exploring the overworld, completing side quests, or mining Quarries.


The easiest way of obtaining Divine Shards is by exploring the overworld and looking for these materials. Although this might seem simple, it is also the least efficient way to farm this item. This is because there is only a slight chance of finding these sparkling objects lying on the ground. Additionally, these materials respawn after a few battles.

Complete Side Quests

Using this method can be tedious to get this currency in Unicorn Overlord. However, you will mainly obtain 15 or more Divine Shards by completing certain side quests. The Unyielding Shield and The Winged Knight are some quests you will encounter early on in the game.

However, during The Winged Knight side quest, you must execute Mandrin to get rewarded with 15 Divine Shards. If you choose to do this, you could lose the opportunity to recruit him.

Mining a Quarry

The most efficient way to earn Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord is through mining. To access this option, players will have to visit a Quarry, preferably the Cornia Quarry and the Drakenhold Quarry, as these are the easiest ones to unlock.

How to Use Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord

Once you have collected a sufficient amount of this currency, you can spend 30 Divine Shards to get Ochyls so that you can add this unit to your team. This can be done only once you attempt the ‘An Angel’s Request‘ quest. Once you have recruited this character, you can exchange this currency for powerful equipment and items like the Templar’s Sword, Dew of Skill, etc.

This is everything you need to know about obtaining Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord. For more helpful guides, find out if you can change your character’s Class and how you can create Tactics Templates, here on Gamer Tweak.