Unicorn Overlord: Should You Execute Or Free Mandrin?

Poised with the choice of executing Mandrin or setting him free in Unicorn Overlord? This guide is all you will need in order to make the choice.

Unicorn Overlord will confuse you with a tough choice during the Winged Quest. This quest also allows you to fight with Ochlys and recruit her later on. Players will face the choice of whether to execute or spare Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord. While both choices have a fair bit of reward, players would want to choose the ones that are best for them.

Mandrin is the final part of the Winged Quest, and it will certainly be a tough choice to make since, on one side, you can recruit him, and on the other, you will get enough rewards to pursue soon and recruit Ochlys. While it is a tough choice, you can check out the rewards and decide for yourself.

What Happens if You Execute Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord?

What Happens if you Execute or Free Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord
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If you execute Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord, Ochlys will approve and also reward you with 15 Divine Shards. The currency is quite helpful and you can buy rare items or save them up and get Ochlys on your team.

What Happens if You Spare Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord?

If you choose to free Mandrin, he will join you and become your ally later in the game. Although he is not that useful a character, he is a Sniper class that would still be worth it if you are yet to get top-tier characters.

Should you Execute or Spare Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord?

From my experience, it’s best to execute Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord. The Divine Shards are quite useful currency and players would do well by getting the 15 Divine Shards. It also makes it easier to get Ochlys who is way more helpful than Mandrin.

That’s all you will need from this guide. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Unicorn Overlord guides right here at Gamer Tweak.