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How To Respec & Reset Stats In Elden Ring?

Here's our guide that explains how to unlock the feature to respec the stats as well as attributes in Elden Ring.

With the collaboration of George R.R Martin, Elden Ring has one of the most extensive and beautifully crafted open worlds. While there are a lot of things to explore, tweaking your stats and attributes is one of them. Although the game does not allow you to respec your character’s stats right away, you can unlock it as you proceed further into the game. After you unlock this feature, you will be able to respec your character and assign attributes to your character. So, here’s our guide that explains how to unlock the feature to respec or reset the stats as well as attributes in Elden Ring.

Before you proceed to unlock respec, continue reading this guide only if you are willing to take in major spoilers.


How to Respec or Reset Stats & Attributes in Elden Ring?

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Here’s how to unlock Respec option to reset stats & attributes in Elden Ring:


  • Travel to Liurnia and unlock the Academy of Raya Lucaria.
  • For that, you will need a Glintstone key.
  • Then you have to defeat the second main boss of the game, Queen of the Full Moon, Rennala. (Did warn you about the spoilers!)
  • Now it won’t be an easy duel with her powerful magic spells and summons. So, wear magic-resistant armor before you fight Rennala.
  • Once you have defeated her, have a talk with her in the Grand Library.
  • She will give you a chance to rebirth. This is what will allow you to respec stats and attributes.
  • It will allow you to reset your stats and assign different attributes to them.
  • While you won’t need any runes to respec, you will need a Larval Tear.

As they are one of the rarer materials in the game, we suggest you think wisely before spending a Larval Tear.

What are the Attribute Points in Elden Ring?


Now that we have unlocked to respec stats and attributes, here are the following attribute points to tweak:

  • Vigor
  • Mind
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Faith
  • Arcane

Whenever you need to respec your character, head over to the Grand Library of Raya Lucaria and give a Larval Tear to Rennala.


That’s all on how to respec stats and attributes in Elden Ring. If this guide helped you, make sure to check our guides on how to cheese Renalla, how to beat Baleful shadow, and how to revive NPCs in Elden Ring. You can also check our other Elden Ring Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.