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How To Get And Use Flash Bangs In Resident Evil Village

Here's how to switch ammo to Flash bangs and use them in Resident Evil 8.

As you progress in the game, you will face off with a variety of terrifying enemies and for that, you need to know how to use flashbangs in Resident Evil Village. In this guide, you will find out the Flashbang item location and how to use it to your advantage in dire situations.

How to Get Flashbangs in RE 8


how to get flashbangs resident evil 8 village

If you want to stun enemies with a powerful light, the Flashbang is what you need. You have to pay 3000 Lei to get the Flashbangs recipe from the Duke’s Emporium under Supplies. After that you can craft it and obtain this ammo. If you are short of in-game money, here are a few ways to farm Lei. You can break crates, collect them from enemy corpses or sell Treasures to earn money fast. Once you have enough, head to the Duke and purchase this item from him.

How to use Flashbangs in Resident Evil Village


Many players are confused about how to use the Flash bang in RE8 Village. Basically, you need a Grenade Launcher gun to be able to use it. This is a powerful weapon that will let you launch explosive projectiles which will come in very handy.

GM 79 grenade launcher location

The GM 79 grenade launcher location is in the Village – East Old Town to be specific. Head to the waterwheel building for this. Note that players will get it marked on the map after you are done with the Castle Dimitrescu part of the game. You also need to Four Winged Unborn Key for it which is mandatory to unlock the grenade launcher.


Once you have grabbed the grenade launcher, you can use explosive rounds as well as Flashbangs. But it can be confusing to switch ammo because the game doesn’t explain it. Youtuber Video Game DataBank has created a quick video clearing out any doubts. Follow these steps to swap the grenade launcher ammo:

  • Look down sights.
  • Press the interact key (it will be shown on the bottom right of the screen).
  • Swap to the Flashbang.
  • Shoot.

This will create a white flash around your enemies, effectively stunning them. This gives you a moment to heal or plan out your next move while your enemy is vulnerable.


Here’s a video that shows it in action:

That’s everything about how to get and use Flashbangs in Resident Evil 8 Village. We’ve got lots more hidden secrets and unlocks for you in our RE8 Wiki guide, so head over there and discover them all.