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V Rising Castle – How To Remove Floor, Border, & Wall

Check out our guide on how to remove a floor, border, and wall in V Rising.

V Rising takes place around a weakened Vampire as he rises from his deep slumber to regain his place among the elites. As you progress, build a Castle as a base for all of the wicked operations and shield yourself. While you build a Castle, there are higher chances that you might need to be ready for raids. Although you cannot move a castle, you can dismantle it to get most of the resources used. But before that, you need to remove or dismantle the items that built the castle. So, here’s our guide on how to remove a floor, border, and wall of Castle in V Rising.

How to Remove Floor, Border, and Wall in V Rising


You can remove the flooring of the Castle by dismantling them. You need to press and hold the Spacebar key to remove a floor. If you are unable to dismantle some of the floors, it might be because they are connected to the walls and pillars.

So, before you remove the floors, make sure to dismantle the walls, borders, pillars, and the structures connecting to them. You should get 75% of the used resources back once you have dismantled them. You can also use the dismantle option to remove the barriers while placing a Castle Heart and expanding its borders.

v rising remove border floor wall
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As you hit the spacebar key, it will remove the selected structure in an instance. Once you have built a castle, there is no possibility to move it. So, make sure to place it at a suitable location.

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With the new Hotfix patch, 0.5.41448, players can also dismantle their Castle, structures, and floors right away if there is no Castle Heart.


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