How To Recharge Battery Items In Lethal Company

Finding ways how to recharge the gadgets? Look no further, here is the guide to assist you.

Lethal Company has few important game mechanics and one that you cannot neglect is to recharge battery items. If you are familiar with electronic items in the game, you must have noticed that a few must be recharged. While going through the dark, you will need your electronic gadgets to have full life since there are dangerous creatures lurking around.

Ensuring the items have enough battery is pivotal while playing Lethal Company, as a few gadgets depend on their battery life. If you wonder how to recharge the devices and maintain a proper battery life, this guide can show you how.

How to Recharge Battery Items in Lethal Company

Recharge battery in Lethal Company
YouTube Screenshot: Lawllin

Accessing the ship’s cabin is the only way to recharge the batteries. In the cabin, you can see a box attached to the right side wall between the terminal and the cloth rack. This is the wireless charger you require to recharge batteries.

Here is how you can recharge the battery:

  • Equip the electronic item you want to recharge, and the battery meter in yellow will appear in the left corner above the health and stamina bar.
  • Approach the recharging dock, and when you see ‘Charge item,’ press the button E.
  • The battery will be recharged with an electric zap effect on the coil.
  • Keep an eye on the battery meter; when it’s full, remove it.

How to Save Battery

Running back to the ship to recharge the batteries can add an extra hurdle to the game, so knowing how to save the battery for more prolonged usage is essential. Honestly, there are no additional charging docks within the facility or on the barren land. However, you can save the battery life of the flashlight and walkie-talkie by employing these methods:

  • Reduce the usage of the items like flashlight and Pro-flashlight. While it’s true that you need it when exploring the facility or the land in the dark, try to minimize the usage by quickly sweeping the area and turning it off after ensuring it’s safe to move ahead.
  • Another tactic is to take turns using flashlights within the group. This way, all group members can conserve battery power on their devices.
  • The walkie-talkie is an excellent tool for staying connected to the person on the ship while exploring. Use it only when necessary to preserve its battery life.

That’s all you need from this guide. If you are confused on the different team roles in the game, here are some tips and tricks. Since you are playing Lethal Company, our dedicated section has more such guides for you. Do check them out while you are here at Gamer Tweak.