What Is Loud Horn In Lethal Company And Should You Get This Upgrade?

Want something that can prank but at times also help out your friends? You should get the Loud Horn installed on your ship in Lethal Company.

While playing Lethal Company there is a chance you must have heard about the loud horn. There are other horns in this game too like the air or clown horns. As such it can be really confusing about which one does what. Especially, if you used the others you might be skeptical about unlocking it. But here is how you can effectively use the loud horn to improve your team’s survival.

How to Get the Loud Horn in Lethal Company

How To Unlock Loud Horn In Lethal Company
Image Credits: Glider on YouTube. How you can unlock Loud Horn by purchasing it from the Store.

The Loud Horn is a ship upgrade that you can buy from the store for 100 credits. Out of all 4 upgrades this one is the cheapest, and for a good reason. If you just install and start using it for no reason you will attract Eyeless dogs to your location. However, it can be really helpful when properly used. It not only can be used to distract the monsters, but you can also use it for signaling your crew members about your ship’s location or if it is time the return.

How to Use the Loud Horn

As explained above the main uses of the loud horn are to distract the enemies and bring them to one side of the ship and to alert your friends about its location. Ideally, you should place the loud horn opposite from the ship’s entrance. This way when you use the horn the Eyeless dogs are attracted to the sound and if they were near the entrance, it will be easier for your team to return to the ship without having to deal with them. Aside from that you can also discuss loud horn cues and make different signals, for example:

  • Holding the Loud horn: This should be done when you are diverting the dogs or other monsters from the ship’s entrance.
  • Random short pulls: This can help any crew members lost in the fog get a rough location of the ship and may help them return.
  • 2 or 3 short pulls back-to-back: Alert your team about the time. This means they should start returning to the ship before it gets any later.

And of course, you can also use it to prank your crew with a false alarm, although your friends may or may not appreciate it depending on their survival situation when they had to abruptly return to the ship.

Should You Get the Loud Horn in Lethal Company?

Considering the upgrade costs only 100 credits, but has multiple applications when used correctly, I suggest it is worth getting this upgrade. Even if you don’t get it immediately, there is no real reason to skip out on it. Unless your friends like to troll, then this horn can do more harm than good.

That is all for how you can get and use the loud horn in this game. I suggest you also check out our Lethal Company maps guide, here you can find their difficulty and monsters that you can find on each moon.