Lethal Company Discord Links – Official and Unofficial Servers

Here’s how to join the official Lethal Company Discord and other unofficial servers to try out.

LFG to play Lethal Company as a crew? These Discord servers will come to the rescue. While playing Lethal Company with randoms is fun, the fun level goes up several notches if you are part of an interactive community that is enthusiastic about the game. This is where the Lethal Company Discord comes in, which is where you can voice chat with like-minded players, dive into games, talk about your experiences, ask questions, and discover new friends.

So, if you’re looking for a group or game lobby in Lethal Company, here are the servers you can join.

How to Join the Official Lethal Company Discord Server

While there is no official Discord server dedicated to Lethal Company, the developer Zeekerss has an active server called Dark Place Travelers which has 80K+ members with 24K+ online at the time of writing this article.

Zeekerss discord server official

While it has a section for bug reporting, voice channels to discuss with other players, and announcements, it also has an “LFG” or looking for crew channel for Lethal Company that you can make the most of.

lethal company lfg discord groups
The official Lethal Company server to look for crew members

Other Lethal Company Discord Servers

There are several other Lethal Company Discord servers that you can join to find lobbies.

  • Unofficial Lethal Company Community: With 62,500+ players, you will find someone to play with at any time of the day. It has multiple channels for announcements, events, server suggestions, community creations, and mods. Most importantly, it has “Looking for Crew” channels for the vanilla and modded versions.
  • Lethal Company Modding Discord Server Link: If you’re interested in playing the modded version of the game, you’ll find players who want to do the same through this server which has more than 34K members.
  • Lethal Company: This one has around 16.5K members with an active community, base game lobbies, modded lobbies, and much more.

And there you have it! Join these Discord servers, connect with fellow members, and dive into the game with voice comms easily. If you need any help with the monsters you encounter, how to tackle them, and how to use various items, our Lethal Company guides section will help you out.