Why Should You Not Attack The Vending Machines In PUBG?

Love beating a lifeless machine!? Here are the consequences...

Recently, PUBG Corporation released a message for all PUBG Mobile Gamers. It said that you should not attack the Vending Machines in PUBG. It may have dire consequences for you and your teammates. For people who are wondering what these are, Vending Machines are the latest addition to PUBG Mobile with the update 0.18.0. This update also brought you the Jungle Adventure mode, Canted Sight Scope, Ace Gold, and Points-Protection System.

Vending machine pop-up randomly on the new Mad Miramar 2.0 map in PUBG. They can spawn at gas stations, offices, shops, motels, restaurants, and casinos. They are also very abundant at Los Leones (the largest city in Miramar map) and Pecado (a small scattered town in Miramar map).

Players can quench their thirst and increase your health by spending a coin on these machines. The unique feature of the Vending machine is that it will shelve out 1 or many energy drinks for a single coin. A player might receive only one can of energy drink while their teammates load up with 8 or 10. This is probably the reason why players are beating up or attacking the Vending Machines in PUBG.

Why to not beat the Vending Machines in PUBG?

When a player attacks a Vending machine and manages to damage it, a loud siren goes off. This acts as an alert signal for your enemies. They can now easily track you down and if lucky, take you down as well.

This feature was added by PUBG to closely relate to real-life scenarios. In the real world as well, snack dispensing machines have a built-in alarm that goes off if it experiences any shocks or movements. If you and your teammates were deciding to ambush an enemy and had just taken a drinks break at a Vending Machine.

You have to control your frustration and anger even if you receive fewer drinks from the Vending Machine. You will end up blowing your cover by attacking the Vending Machine, which will lead to a loss for you as well as your players. However enticing it feels, you should not attack or damage Vending machines in PUBG.

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