The New Jungle Adventure Mode In PUBG Update 0.18.0

Find out how to the use all the new features of this mode and how to play it.

The latest update 0.18.0 in PUBG introduced us to many new game modes, map upgrades, weapons, skins, and outfits. And with Season 13 just around the corner, PUBG gamers have been cruising through its new features and availing all of its benefits by unlocking rewards. On the other hand, we have a few gamers who are even luckier than this – They are the beta testers. And for good reasons, they get to test out all the unreleased game modes and potential additions to the game beforehand. One such mode, currently in beta testing, is the Jungle Adventure mode, available to a select few in the 1.18.0 beta update.

Jungle Adventure Mode in PUBG

Wondering what is Jungle Adventure Mode in PUBG? Let’s find out.

Released on May 7th in the beta update 1.18.0, the Jungle mode is sure to be different for gamers when it releases in the normal game version. Although, we can make a rough sketch about this mode when it releases for the original game, judging by its beta version itself. Tencent Games is constantly trying to bring out the best in a Battle Royale game by adding creative ideas and features to the game, Jungle Adventure mode is one of them.


How to play the Jungle Adventure mode and what’s new?

  • To enter the Jungle Adventure mode, you need to play the Sanhok map.
  • Here is where it gets tricky – not everyone stands a chance to play this mode, you can be picked randomly to enter this mode. This is undeniably a new feature in PUBG: Mobile.
  • Similar to the Arctic mode where you get to control a drone to survey the map, in the new jungle Adventure mode, you get a Hot Air Balloon for the same. Stealth is no concern.
  • Jungle warfare will force you to play long-range stealth combat and the best weapons for this would be the – M24, DP-28, AWM, and the M416.
  • Talking about jungle survival, PUBG takes the idea up a notch. You get to gorge on jungle delicacies like wild berries and herbs. And there is more to this – every item can have a mysterious effect on you. Enticing, isn’t it?
  • You can find mysterious totem poles scattered across the jungle. You can seek blessings from those idols and receive valuable items that can help you survive the game.

As we all know that beta versions are small testing versions for some new features in a game, and judging by the success of the new Jungle adventure mode among the beta testers, there is a high possibility of it releasing anytime now. Undoubtedly, the normal release of the mode will include features from the beta testing but with all the glitches and bugs observed during testing.

So for all the gamers out there who weren’t able to beta test this mode, don’t be disheartened. Wonder if we could be soon seeing wild animals attacking the players running through the jungles, because if PUBG does include this feature in the coming versions, we could very well say that this mobile game developer is outdoing itself. While you wait for the Jungle Adventure mode to come to your devices, read about the other new features of the 0.18.0 update.