PUBG Arctic Mode Guide – Here Is What You Need To Know

Where nature is equally an enemy

PUBG mobile recently introduced the Arctic mode on its Vikendi map this month and it has garnered a lot of appreciation from its fans. Unlike its other survival modes, where your sole aim is to butcher your enemies, this mode tests your survival capabilities to the extremes, where nature is equally an enemy, where chicken and twigs are more important than guns and grenades.

With all the new beach swimsuits being re-introduced in the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 summer updates, PUBG has decided to rather cool down its gamers with this new Arctic mode. From flying, newly added, drones to surviving the deadly blizzards, here are the new features of the Arctic mode.

How to remain warm in Arctic Mode?

Don’t shy away from killing wild chickens. Wherever you find them, bag them and roast them at a fireplace. Chicken dinner helps you maintain body temperature and minimize hit points in the open.

  1. Collect ample Dry Branches, scattered here and there on the map. Branches do not occupy any space in your bag so stock up on every bundle you find.
  2. Hot packs are just as essential as your medkits and 8x scopes. Stock up on hot packs, as many as you can find and apply them as frequently as situations allow you. Watch Ron’s (Ron Gaming) gameplay in the Arctic mode and notice how he prioritizes staying warm over gathering grenades and M416 guns.
  3. Try and stay indoors during the Blizzards. Build your own fireplace, it hardly takes more than 4 seconds and keeping adding branches to maintain the fire. Here is a useful tip- Once you are warm enough to carry out normal gameplay, you can light a fire to attract enemies and corner them in an ambush.

How to fly a drone in Pubg?

  • Drones have an activity time of 5 minutes maximum, so use that time wisely.
  • When you are using your drone, your character cannot be moved simultaneously nor is he/her visible to you. Hence find a safe spot in a house where there are fewer chances of enemies to ambush you.
  • You can now mark checkpoints on the map using your drone. This feature helps you navigate skillfully, through the map. You can

As losing health to cold is one of the biggest issues in the Arctic mode, use your drone to gauge for chickens and dry branches to keep you up and running.