PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0 AceGold: Everything You Need to Know

Read along to find out the perks of the new AceGold currency in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile rolls out its newest update – 0.18.0 on 7th May 2020. This update is a rather significant one, bringing in new landscapes, gameplay features, graphical renderings, modes, customizations, weapons, and skins.

This hefty update will require you to free up more than 1.97 Gbs of space on your Android device and over 2.21 Gbs for iOS.One of the most notable highlights of the update will be the introduction of a new currency – AceGold. Read ahead to find out all there is to know about this new feature.

How to earn AceGold in PUBG?

Quite similar to Unknown Cash (UC), AceGold can be earned by unlocking achievements, game-wins, participating in time-limited events, and weekly/daily log-ins. All your silver rewards, upon completion of a mission, will be rewarded in terms of AceGold coins.

But rest assured, all seasonal events commenced before this update won’t make the change to AceGold straight-off. You will now get a choice between a reward of 30 UCs or 400 AceGolds in rewards.

It is important to note that earning AceGold will not be as easy as earning UCs, the events will be difficult and winning criteria barbaric. After all, earning AceGold comes with its own perks.

What can you buy using AceGold?

Like any other PUBG currency, you can use AceGold to buy skins, outfits, props, and upgrades for your player. What makes the AceGold special is its nature of being a flexible currency. If you are running low on Unknown cash or PUBG money, you can very well use AceGold in their place.

How much is 1 AceGold in terms of UCs?

  • 1 AceGold = 0.14 UCs (1 UC = 7 AceGold).
  • Basic Royal Pass cost = 4,200 AceGold/ 600 UC
  • Elite Pass cost = 12,600 AceGold/ 1800 UC
  • Reward at corresponding rank = 400 AceGold/ 30 UC


Other features of the new PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update

  • Miramar map landscape updated
  • New Classic mode – Jungle Adventure (Also check out the new Arctic Mode)
  • New EvoGround mode – Bluehole
  • New P90 weapon (Also check out the guide on Bolt Action rifles)
  • New close-range scope – Canted Scope
  • Points protection against players who use plug-ins or other unauthorized devices to earn winnings.

If you are a PUBG Mobile Lite player, check out the new beta update 0.17 as well.