How To Get A Bolt Action Rifle In PUBG

Where to find a Bolt action Rifle, what ammo they use, and how much damage they entail

Being a successful Battle Royale player does not come easy – apart from your shooting and hiding skills, every single piece of equipment, armory, and weapon in your inventory determines your fate in the multiplayer world. If you are a Pubg player who uses the same weapon in any and every situation, be it close combat or long-distance firing, you might not have enjoyed as many chicken dinners as your fellow players, who kept swapping their weapons in every different position.

If you are engaged in close combat amidst a rain of heavy firing, pistols, and machine guns are your best bet to take the enemy down before they do, timing is all that matters here. But if you are sniping from a distance, using an SMG is senseless as its range of firing reduces with distance, and the magnitude of noise it produces blows your cover. In these situations, snipers and Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG come in handy.

How to unlock Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG?

Bolt Action Rifles are long-range high accuracy rifles that can take you out in a single shot. But this comes with a price – the reloading of this rifle takes time, hence going head-on with your enemy in close combat is pure madness. This rifle is best suited for long-range (700-800m) stealth attacks from a house or a high ground.

Pubg allows you to use 3 kinds of bolt action rifles – the M24, the AWM and the Kar98K that can be found in all 4 maps of Pubg but with different levels of rarity. Here is how you can find them and what bullets you need for them –


PUBG M24 Rifle

M24 is one of the rarest rifles in Pubg, the M24 can pierce through a level 2 helmet in a single shot and knock you out. It uses 7.62 mm ammo which is more common to find than the gun itself. An M24 can be found only in Care packages of Miramar, Sanhok, Erangel, and the Vikendi maps.



AWM is the Arctic Warfare Magnum is the most powerful bolt action in the game. If you happen to find an AWM, you can easily take down enemies wearing Level 3 helmets and lower, with a single shot in the head. It uses a .300 Magnum ammo which is rare in itself, let alone finding the rifle. This rifle can only be obtained in Airdrops and Care packages of Miramar, Sanhok, Erangel, and the Vikendi maps.


PUBG KAR98K Sniper

Kar98K is one of the most common as well as the least effective bolt action rifles that can take down enemies with a Level 2 helmet. It uses a 7.62 mm ammo which can be easily found in bunkers and open land throughout the game. A Kar98 can be easily found in houses and military areas of Miramar, Sanhok, Erangel, and the Vikendi maps.

Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG can be regarded as the “must-have it in your inventory” weapons which can help determine your fate in the game, in moments where stealth is all that counts. They are a good secondary weapon, if not your primary. Pair up the perfect scope with a bolt action, and you can be unstoppable in long-range range showdowns.