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PUBG Mobile Lite Beta 0.17: What’s New?

PUBG Mobile Lite starts rolling out its 0.17.0 Beta update.

BETA PUBG MOBILE LITE is a version that includes a preview of the features included in the amazing PUBG Mobile Lite, specially targeted for the more low-mid range smartphones. This is an official game that undoubtedly transcends the experience of the much popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds to the maximum number of Android smartphones, due to its compatibility with Android 4.0.3 (and higher) and its lower storage size (around one-fourth of its original counterpart).

One of the most prominent differences in the lite version is that it only allows a maximum of 60 players in each round. The lite version also restricts the graphic configuration to the user. The 0.17 update unlocks the Payload mode. This includes helicopters and an arsenal of heavy weapons, to spice up your gaming experience.

The beta also introduces a falcon companion. It’s a bird that just sits on a player’s shoulder or often flies alongside as you move throughout the game (a smart way to deprive you of your loneliness if you find yourself alone on the map). Hence, it does not do much more than just following you around in the game. The developers are still hinting on more new features to the beta with small updates rolling every now and then.

As of now, the developers have not revealed a final date of release for the 0.17.0 update, the beta version has already been set in motion, and being tested by our good-old beta-testers. We can expect the final update to roll out probably in the coming weeks, fingers crossed!

The PUBG Mobile Lite beta version 0.17.0 update will take up to 573.72 MB on your device. However, you will receive a bunch of additional updates once you have installed it on your device.

Apart from the additions mentioned above, the developers have also fixed some bugs and added game improvements in this update. So, feel free to provide feedback that might help them better their user experience and ensure a successful global launch shortly after.