How To Get The Chicken Outfit For Free In PUBG Lite?

Now wear what you eat

Tired of winning Chicken Dinners or eating Chicken to max out your health in PUBG!? Well, you can now be one as well. On 24th May 2020, Tencent Games released the new Chicken Outfit in PUBG Lite. If you are thinking what good will a chicken outfit do to a Battle Royale, wait till you get shot down by a Chicken. This outfit brings a fun element to PUBG as well as pays homage to the good-old Chicken Dinners that are being fought after since the beginning of the game.

For players unaware of the Lite version of PUBG, this is a graphically toned-down version of the original PUBG. Rather than facing 100 players, you will be facing only 40 of them and on a much smaller map. This is indeed a privilege for all gamers who wish to enjoy PUBG but their devices are not compatible with extreme graphic requirements.

You can now get the Chicken Outfit for free in PUBG Lite. Just read along the following step by step guide and you will have it in your PUBG Lite inventory in no time.

Get Chicken Outfit for free in PUBG

Unlike other outfits that you have to pay an insane amount of in-game money or real-time money, the Chicken Outfit is absolutely free. But just like other outfits, you will have to get the Chicken Outfit in 2 parts separately – the chicken helmet and the chicken bodysuit. Here is how you can get your Chicken Outfit in PUBG Lite –

  • Go to the Events section.
  • You will find the Random Chicken Exchange event.
  • Browse through the requirements of this event.
  • For 55 chickens, you can get the Chicken Helmet.
  • For 55 chickens, you can get the Chicken Bodysuit.

Now if you are wondering where you will find this amount of chicken in PUBG, we have solved this problem for you as well.

How to get Chicken in PUBG Lite?

If you have played the Arctic Mode in PUBG, you will have often come by chicken dinners here and there. You have to cook them in a fireplace and eat it to conserve health. But collecting a total of 110 Chickens will be a strenuous task. Well, with this guide, it won’t be!

  • Below the Random Chicken Exchange event you will find the Random Chicken Mission event.
  • Here you will find a whole bunch of tasks that you need to complete in exchange for chickens.
  • Stay online for 60 mins – 5 chickens
  • Stay online for 90 mins 8 chickens
  • Spend 1000 BP 4 chickens
  • Spend 2000 BP – 8 chickens
  • Stay online for 10 mins – 2 chickens
  • Stay online for 30 mins – 3 chickens

This event refreshes every day and rewards you with 30 chickens daily. This way you will have the Chicken Outfit in less than 4 days of playing PUBG Lite.
Now that you know how to get your very own Chicken Outfit, for absolutely free, in PUBG Lite, go grab it while you still can. And For more tips and tricks, read our PUBG guides.