PUBG Mobile Adds Points Protection System Against Cheater Kills

PUBG will sniff out cheaters with this new security system

PUBG entertains half a billion gamers from across and hence it becomes extremely necessary for its developers to maintain that trust. When PUBG released in 2016, it took mobile gaming to a whole new level of creativity and possibilities. It was then when they realized that the game has a magnanimous outreach and organizing world championships will only strengthen the ties with its games even further.

On August 9, 2019, the first World Championship of PUBG was held in South Korea, and the winning team bagged a hefty amount of $500,000. This is when it dawned upon the gamers – those hours and hours of playing PUBG could be profitable as well. This started a wave of excitement among the PUBG gamers, and the community got divided into two – ones who would hone their skills to perfect their coordination and gameplay, and there were those who began searching for all kinds of cheating methods to level up their rank while others lost theirs.

Soon enough PUBG had to step in and the newest update 0.18.0 is all about this.

Finally an Anti-Cheat Mechanism

Releasing May 7th, 2020, the update 0.18.0 introduces the all-new Points Protection System Against Cheaters –

  • If you happen to get knocked-out very early-on in the game, and suspect malpractices or cheater kills, you can report your concern to the PUBG authorities.
  • The newly-designed cheat-detection software will analyze the gameplay of the accused player/s.
  • If proven correct, you have all your lost points restored.
  • As far as the punishment for cheaters is concerned, PUBG has not announced any official verdict but a life-long ban from the game will be no surprise at all.

How do people cheat in PUBG?

Because of its evergrowing popularity, the game has attracted thousands of hackers to infest the Battle Royales and manipulate it to their own advantage. These are the ways hackers modify the gameplay for themselves –

  • Aimbots – Help the user to target his/her enemy while also controlling the aim of other players.
  • See-through wall – Safe house and military bases are no longer an option for a hiding place, the hacker can see you very well through those walls.
  • Speed hacks Hackers exponentially increase their speed thereby having an advantage in ambush and runaways.

One cannot enumerate more on the ethics of fair play in a game and for this reason, PUBG Corporation has decided to take matters in their own hands. They want to disrupt all kinds of cheating methods which can have unfair influences on the ranking of all players in the game. To know about more features of this update, read the article on PUBG Mobile update 0.18.0.